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October 26, 2021
Digital Marketing

5 Types of Videos to Market any Brand

In more recent times, both the written word and images don’t pack the same punch they used to in the marketing world. People’s perceptions have evolved and the new it-factor for any successful marketing campaign is a video-based marketing strategy. If anything, the pandemic has shown marketers and businesses alike how powerful videos truly are, with TikTok and YouTube soaring to the top of the most used applications. Every business’ main purpose for marketing is to create content that will engage their target audience, guide them towards the business’ offerings and effectively convert them from a lead to a customer. This article entails 5 of the best video campaigns that will boost your business’s brand presence, regardless of the type of business you own. Let’s see what the experts in social media marketing agencies Dubai have to say:

1. Brand-centric videos

In a world with multiple business competitors, it is important to establish a brand presence that distinguishes your company from the rest. These types of videos fully display what makes your business stand out, effectively positioning your business as a unique, one-of-a-kind brand that can never be replaced. Some effective videos that can be made keeping this strategy in mind would be videos based on the culture and values of your business. Display your company’s work culture and showcase the values your business upholds along with the people behind the brand to create a feeling of inclusion, giving your business an amicable feel to it.

2. Journey-focused videos

Every business has a starting point. The struggles involved in setting up your business and establishing it, the sweet joys of your first sale, and the celebrations after a great year, all contribute to the personality and experience of your organization. In the eyes of the customer, businesses are unfamiliar entities with whom they have no real relationship with. These types of journey-based videos give customers a look into what made your company what it is today, giving them a new perspective to think about. The same can be applied to the offerings your business provides. When the unfamiliar becomes familiar, customer trust invariably increases. Human nature is such that when we know what’s on the other side, the brand becomes more personable and trustworthy, giving your business a leg up against the rest.

3. Educational videos

When it comes to your offerings, the best way to garner attention is to explain what your product does. Sometimes, all customers need is an understanding of how your product works and what makes it so special. Some of the best ways to do this are to create tutorial-esque videos that effectively explain what your product does and how to use it. Additionally, explainer videos that dive deep into industry breakthroughs, or simplify product services and processes also act as powerful video marketing tools that can promote your business and its offerings effectively.

4. Product videos

This is the most direct way of marketing your business’ offerings to your target consumer base. These videos primarily focus on the product itself, shining a light on its design, features, and how it can be a great addition to your life. It’s a way to give out a lot of information to viewers without overwhelming them. Event videos are a great example of this video strategy. Speeches and conferences with industry leaders can bring expert approval that can encourage customers to try your product.

5. Personalized videos

Customers are more likely to purchase a product through word of mouth than any other medium of advertising. Hearing how a product or service is from someone who has actually used it is one of the ways in which your business can establish its presence as a reliable brand. Client testimonials or sponsored reviews are examples of such videos, reviewing your business’ offerings and building customer trust with your business. Video marketing is a great way to introduce a viewer to your product and have them go from being an observer to an actual user. The methods mentioned in this list apply to all types of businesses, and when used correctly, can capture the attention of your target audience and build your brand presence effectively.

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