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August 2, 2022
Digital Marketing

5 Website Design Hacks That Can Enhance a Website

No matter what type of website an individual or business runs, the overall user experience, navigation, and design of the website are crucial for its success. For a business, a website serves as a digital identity for its brand and is a platform that connects a business’ online demographic to its services. This means that creating a website that can represent the brand’s values, services, and overall personality while maintaining a great user interface has become the golden standard, and delivering a website that does otherwise can hinder any promotional efforts and reduce its visibility significantly. In this article, we explore some of the best design hacks you can use to enhance your brand’s website effectively.

1. Clear Out your Website

An overly cluttered website is the best way to turn consumers away from the site and find another site altogether. A clutter-free homepage allows users to scroll and read through your website’s details efficiently and attracts them to stay on the site for longer. The best way to create a clutter-free site is to create a primary goal for a webpage. The webpage should be focused on one aspect alone to enable clarity, and any CTAs should be added only if relevant to the content on that specific webpage.

2. Lead your Users

The great thing about website design is that you can use it to redirect your user’s gaze to specific elements or text on your website. Displaying visual or auditory cues can help you lead users to interact with your website in a way you want them to. This aspect is important mainly because users generally have a short attention span when scrolling through various websites. Instead of overloading them with information, guiding them to the most important parts of your website (like CTA’s) can help your website gain meaningful leads and increased interest. An example of this type of visual direction would be to highlight or box certain hyperlinks like CTAs, or highlight the logo and name of your brand to reinforce your business’ identity in the minds of the users. Simple elements like arrows or images can also be used to positively influence the user experience.

3. Reduce Wait Times

One of the most important aspects of website design is surprisingly its speed. As mentioned previously, users are not necessarily going to wait for your website. This point is even more relevant when it comes to its speed. Webpage speed has the capability of enhancing user experience immensely and also helps users remain engaged on your website. Studies have shown that over 53% of users click out of a website if its loading time exceeds 3 seconds. Avoiding a sluggish website experience can help your business retain a large portion of its user base and encourage them to scroll for longer on the site.

4. Personalize your Website

Adapting your website to give your users tailored experiences is a simple yet effective method that encourages them to stay on your website for longer. Personalization is possible with the help of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools based on user behavior. Implementing this can help make your users feel special and give them a unique experience.

5. Prioritize Readability

A key component of effective web design is ensuring that users are able to understand your content in terms of language, tone of voice, and overall readability. Readability determines the ease with which users are able to recognize words and sentences. When a website is deemed readable, users are able to skim read content with ease, and gathering information at first glance is simple. Adjusting your website’s font type and size, as well as color palette, is an effective way to boost the site’s readability.

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