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March 18, 2016
Digital Marketing Dubai

A checklist to viral content

What makes things go viral? Maybe you think it’s just luck? No one really has the power to predict what will go viral., right? Not quite. You can make many changes to your website with the help of a professional web design agency Dubai but without specific content strategies in place, you won’t be able to climb the ladder to viral content. We’ll walk you through some of the ingredients of viral content:

Highlight positivity in your content

As people tend to share more negative content like financial woes, civil wars, and price hikes, there are studies that clearly show positive content always goes further in engagements and shares. The best positive content is one that uplifts and inspires your customers striking emotionally positive chords.

Focus on quality over quantity

Never think the more content you push, the better it is for you. Social media are inundated with content from a variety of brands; you need to be able to reach above the noise of the monotony that everyone else is doing. By creating something different from the rest, you’ll reach above the noise and grab the attention of your target audience, thus paving the path to virality.

Follow the latest trends

In the real-time world of social media, timing is everything. Pay attention to trending events and monitor your niche for insights that you can talk about. Relevancy is everything and timely content pushes are the key to viral success. This Instagram post by Nissan Middle East during the UAE thunderstorms on March 9, 2016, is a brilliant example of branded timely posts: http://ow.ly/ZhElT

A striking call-to-action

A call-to-action is an important part of any communication. In our own tests, we’ve seen 50% more engagement with a post that had a striking call-to-action as opposed to none at all. Many marketers tend to forget or not give it the priority it deserves but what you must understand about consumer behavior is that their attention spans are small. They browse though content at very quick speeds and so a call-to-action tells them what to do. A direct command sticks and makes a user stop for a second longer (if it’s relevant, obviously) and that’s when they’ll engage and possibly share your content.

For example, at the end of any post you would say, “Click here to share if you think this must reach the right person”, or “tag a friend this reminds you of” – these are proven methods of gaining more engagement and shares.

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