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A Definitive Guide to Pinterest for your Business

May 8, 2016
Behlul M
Social Media

Pinterest is among the fastest and newest growing social media websites on the internet. It allows people to add images to virtual pinboards that can be accessed by them any time or be shared with their friends and the rest of the internet. The no. of users, enjoyable use and frequent activity of Pinterest provides amazing and unique benefits to people looking to make money online. Whether you are looking to make money online via your website, blog or enhance sales and customer number of your business, you certainly can make more bucks with Pinterest.

Instead of viewing Pinterest as a mere photo-sharing platform, look at it as your personal global bulletin board. By November 2013, this platform had over 70 million users, of which 80% of them were women as well as over 2.5 billion page views each month. And nowadays, 70% of people on Pinterest use it to get inspiration on what to buy. This compares with only 17% of Facebook users who do the same.

This is because Pinterest is not about quick ROI but also gives you many evergreen values. Pinterest keeps growing and has now amassed 72.8 million users. This means nearly one in every six people who use the internet is on Pinterest. According to Pew Research, these users are well educated and 18% have an annual income of $75,000 or more. In other words, this platform is being utilized by an extraordinary amount of people, many of whom likely carry influential weight in the online community. It would be remiss not to optimize your presence here for a variety of reasons.

So, it’s time to start using Pinterest for SEO and help your targeted users discover your pins through searching.

Optimize profile and boards

Before you start pinning, pick the right username and tweak your profile. Change it and use the one that reflects your presence and the way you want to be found out. The URL will serve as your keyword, so be careful to pick a lucid and memorable username.

Optimize profile and boards

Add a new board to your account that is dedicated to showcasing your work, career achievements and professional accomplishments. It should be appealing, well organized and emphasizing on the titles and the images on the boards.

Here is an example of a well organized pinboard from Adore Me. Have a look,

a well organized pinboard

It’s vital to think like a user while choosing a board’s title and name it the way it would be discovered easily. A funny and clever title is great.

Optimize your pins effectively

Every pin you pin in the pinboard represents you and your profile. Make it descriptive as this will help search engines discover your pins effectively.

Optimize your pins effectively

Focus on the pin descriptions

If you want to get found for a specific niche, make sure the content of your pin is instantly recognizable from the pin description. And stop making your pin descriptions all about you and make them more about how you can help.

Focus on the pin descriptions

Avoid hashtags in pins

Never use hashtags in pin description. Description is an important part of captivating pinners. Set a description that incorporates the right search words, and you’ll help Pinterest imagine themselves with your pin. Hashtags are not a complete waste, but not necessary to extend the reach of your pins.

Avoid hashtags in pins

Pin vertical images

We know that every type of images can be pinned but do you know vertical images have more chances to get noticed as they occupy more space in the feed? They are also more mobile friendly. An ideal size of a vertical pin should be close to 736px by 2000px.

Pin vertical images

Focus on pins quality

Every pin you pin on the pinboard should stand out from others while maintaining its relevance. Users might not be interested in the descriptions but images capture their attention this means that every image should be lucid and the right size.

Pin regularly

Similar to Facebook, pinning regularly increases your traffic. This will not make you look like a spam account. Pinterest is ideal for the circulation of great content and this highlights even more the need to focus on relevance and quality.

Use rich pins

Rich pins are nothing but an enhanced version of the regular pins providing more info about a pin. Used in six contexts including app, movie, recipe, article, product and place, their effectiveness is better compared to regular pins.

Pinterest can be a remarkable platform to market your services/products on a global scale. There are numerous ways you can use to make money online via Pinterest, and as social media network continues to expand, so will your opportunities to make money.

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