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April 16, 2016
Digital Marketing Dubai

A guide to profitable pay per clicks campaigns – PART II

Hope our last week’s post on how to run an optimized AdWords campaign helped you prioritize and correctly assess how to kick things off. We’re back with some more useful tips and tricks for running a healthy digital marketing campaign on Google AdWords.

The campaign settings you choose to employ can make or break the success of your campaign. Settings play a vital role in determining how much you spend, where your ads are displayed, and on which devices. In addition, it allows you to adjust the way you bid in order to guide the hard-earned money you invest in the campaign. Another important fact to note is that the campaign settings can be adjusted at any level i.e. the settings you prefer can be set across ad groups, ads, and/or keywords within the campaign.

#1–Schedule your launch

If you choose to start your campaigns during the busy season, it will be too late to have an impact, whereas if you start it after the busy season, you’ll experience underwhelming results. Schedule your campaign launch for 3-6 weeks before the season and you will be able to taste the natural wave to success.

Goolge adwords campaign set up

#2–Choose the right date

Most paid search campaigns have fewer clicks and impressions on weekends so avoid Fridays as a launch date. Even if you advertising a Friday brunch, start it on Tuesday or Wednesday and run it till Friday morning. A good time to launch an ad campaign is the beginning of a month so that when you compare monthly results, you will find clear comparisons.

#3–Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Start with the result and work backward. Calculate the amount of money you can spend on new customers with PPC ads, and everything else becomes simpler.

Cost Per Acquisition

#4–Have conversion tracking in place

To track each favorable action taken by your paid search traffic, Google offers tracking pixels for your website. The job of these pixels is to go on a confirmation page for your sales process. A web developer usually adds this code to the site, so plan several weeks ahead or use Google Tag Manager.

#5–Check all your settings

Check whether you are targeting the right geographic area. Make sure your budget is not too high and make it affordable. Google normally spends 120% of your daily budget on your first day of the campaign and generally can go above or below your maximum spend limit depending on how well or not your ad is doing. Check your keywords, extensions, ads, and all to eliminate any surprises.

#6 – Successfully launch your campaign

When everything is in place, launch it! Be sure to check your statistics a few times on launch day and for the upcoming week, block time off on your calendar. This will make your result predictable. Frequently check your bids, search queries, and ads to reach your CPA. Optimization is key in online advertising.

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