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January 7, 2016
Web Development

A Peek into Google’s 2015 Algorithms

Google’s 2015 algorithms have made many business owners seek help from search engine optimization providers or website development companies in Dubai. And there are business owners who are still struggling with a few leftover rank declines. In this post, you’ll get to know the last three big algorithms released by Google to prepare you for the future.

  1. RankBrain A learning system i.e. it learns things from users, trends, queries, and other sources of input. The things that RankBrain learns are then fed back into the search algorithm. It’s the third most vital ranking factor affecting 15% of all queries which is huge compared to Panda 4.0 which affected only 7.5% of English language queries.
  2. Panda 4.1 – According to Moz, this is the 28thPanda update. Panda updates are refreshing for websites because it is a quality factor. It is normally designed for websites with low quality or thin content. It affected nearly 3% of queries.
  3. Mobilegeddon It is solely for mobile applications. Mobilegeddon affects searches on mobile devices and applies to individual pages, not to entire sites.

Google’s algorithm updates can be vicious, disturbing, and cumbersome but they help maintain a good, user-friendly standard adopted in website design and development. So understand every algorithm thoroughly and safeguard your websites for the future algorithms of 2016.

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