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April 7, 2014
Digital Marketing

The Advantages Of Animation: Dubai Businesses Discover Engaging Platform For Marketing

Current statistics show that 100 million Web users watch an online video every day. ComScore findings, meanwhile, reveal that the average user watches online video ads every month. Rhythm and Insights have discovered that full-page ads with video boost engagement by 22 percent and Unbounce reveal that animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20 percent. What do these findings mean for your brand?

It means, as one animated character so delicately sang it, “a whole new world,” for your marketing campaigns. An emerging and, for some companies, highly effective medium is animation. Dubai brands are not only using this rich and thoroughly engaging format for marketing materials but they are also incorporating them into internal communications.

The positive effect of using animation can be very effective even in animated GIF forms. It turns out that when brands used animated GIFS or cinematography (i.e., still photos that repeat movements, making it seem like the viewer is watching a video), 72 percent of email marketers achieved higher click-through rates.

But it’s not just the sheer appeal of a movement that pulls viewers (read: consumers) in, the color of the animation also grabs attention. Combined with a compelling storyline or concept, using animation for emails, B2B marketing, websites, and other Web marketing efforts, animation can become one powerful marketing tool.

The beauty of using animation for your marketing campaigns and internal communications is that it does a much more successful and concise job of demonstrating the benefits of your services or products, and of explaining complex new policies and developments in the company. Instead of presenting the usual videos or lengthy written reports, your clients and employees can quickly grasp the message at hand — and enjoy the entire experience in the process.

As pointed out by current online marketing statistics, animation can also influence your consumer’s decision. A short animated series on your website can compel them to find out more about your products or services. An animated 3D presentation can convince clients that your products are better than the competition. And fun, animated features in your email can nudge viewers to click through and make that transaction.

Finally, animation may be a lot less expensive than live-action video ads. When the concept for your Web videos requires special effects and location shots, you will be spending more on live action than if you did the whole thing in animation. You save on costs for, for example, characters that morph into an everyday item or for shooting in Paris.

With animation, the possibilities for marketing concepts are virtually limitless, including the outcomes. So look into it. And start revolutionizing your marketing campaigns with animation today.

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