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March 7, 2022

Best way to manage your E-commerce website

In order to be successful in the online sphere, you need to have a solid online presence. Though online stores have given companies a great way to manage costs while providing a global reach, the competition in the E-commerce space is tough, making it difficult to see the results you want. In order to have a successful website, you need to continuously implement strategies that enable you to create a distinct and unforgettable identity, which can ultimately help with lead generation and conversion for your site. In this article, we explore the best ways to successfully manage your E-commerce website design Dubai in order to get the results you want for your business.

1. Add a search bar

This is a small and often overlooked aspect that has a big impact on your website’s success. From the user’s point of view, accessing your website is an unfamiliar experience, and sometimes they won’t be able to find the things they need through normal navigation, mainly because it takes more time than they are willing to spare. Adding a search bar can help them fasten that process and lead them to the call to action with ease. Additionally, it’s advised to add simple keywords associated with each product or article so that when the user searches for it, it can easily pop up as compared to a strict word-for-word search.

2. Declutter your site

The best way to create a great brand presence is to be consistent with what you post and how often you post. Create a schedule and post as frequently as possible, so that users see more of your brand and its content. Moreover, social media algorithms prioritize pages that post frequently and boost them to more viewers, so posting daily or every other day is a factor that can greatly impact your reach to newer users.

3. Eliminate unnecessary steps to conversion

If the user decides to purchase an item on your website, it’s important to make the process as fast and easy as possible. Many leave websites before making a purchase because the checkout process was too complicated. Make sure to stick to asking for the basic information required and avoid anything that can make them spend additional time when checking out. Moreover, you can nudge them into creating an account, but forcing it on them will make them leave your website for another one. Ease of convenience is the biggest factor that can make or break a website.

4. Product information

To ensure reliability and increase the likelihood of a purchase, make sure that your products have an apt description that entails all its necessary details like dimensions, instructions on how to use the product, benefits, and so on. Additionally, attach high-quality product pictures from various angles to give the user a good idea of what to expect with the product. You can also add in-video demonstrations that display the product in action, which can convince the user to purchase the product without any doubts.

5. Optimize for other devices

More than half of website leads come from mobiles/tablets. Websites that do not optimize their user experience for these platforms will lose a huge chunk of potential leads. Personalize the shopping experience for these users and make it easier for them to shop and purchase items from your site.

6. Add credibility with customer reviews

Most users check the reviews before purchasing a product. Many chose to opt out of purchasing products if they feel like there isn’t an opinion from another user like themselves. Add a rating system and a space for reviews to each product’s site. This is helpful for both you and the user. If users don’t particularly like a product, the user leaving a review is feedback for your website to evaluate the problems with the product while acknowledging the good parts of the product as well.

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