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April 7, 2014
Digital Marketing

Business Promotion Through Video Production – Dubai Marketing Experts Share 5 Crucial Factors

Commercial films (CFs) to promote a business and its products have long been powerful marketing strategies, and due to the immense popularity of online media sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, CFs have actually become more effective.

But video production for marketing is no longer just limited to big-budgeted CFs that usually just run for 30 seconds on TV, it also creates tutorials or demonstration videos, which have made YouTube the favorite online destination for people who need instructions for anything and everything. These tutorials, DIY, or demo videos are essential marketing tools due to their versatility — they are great for SEO because a host of new marketing materials can be derived from them.

For business marketing purposes, video production, Dubai marketing professionals claim, the key is to have it done particularly well so it can yield the right effect and generate a positive reaction from the target audience. How to do that? Marketing experts advise paying attention to the following factors:

• Competitiveness – it’s imperative to know the current trend and what competing businesses have been doing. The best way to make the video competitive is to offer something that the others don’t, or to present the offering in a much, much better form.

• Creativity – this is what will ensure your video’s competitiveness because you’re going to strive to present something new and will set your business apart from the rest. Always remember that when it comes to marketing, being better is good, but being unique is the best. Creativity will allow you to introduce a whole new perspective so even if you’re presenting a similar product, with creativity, your audience will automatically see it in a whole new light. Plus, it will increase the artistic value of the video.

• Accurate message – the message is the most integral element actually because this is what will get the audience to act accordingly. Make sure that despite the artistry you inject into the video, the message is not lost or distorted; otherwise, the integrity of the marketing effort will be greatly compromised.

• Quality – everything’s in HD or high definition now so support the aesthetic value of your video with high-resolution images. Paying attention to image quality by using the best camera technology, lighting, and “videoing” techniques will also reflect how the business truly values good quality in all its offerings.

• Editing – ensures that the final output delivers the message beautifully and clearly. Through editing, you can create a seamless video that’s enhanced with music, special effects, and other additional features that work together to delight audiences.

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