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June 26, 2014
Web Development

A Dubai Web Design Company Emphasizes The Importance Of Metrics

What is good can be made better.

Say, you are happy with the performance of your website. But what if you can tweak its performance such that you can haul in more customers and increase your bottom line?

Today, business owners have access to a diverse number of tools that allow them to track user behavior and patterns when viewing a website. These allow you to learn what you are doing right and what you may be doing wrong, which in turn helps you and your Dubai Web design agency dubai implement the necessary tweaks that will boost your website’s performance. Two of the most useful tools that business owners and Website developer dubai can use are our user analytics and A/B or multivariate testing.

User analytics can help you identify pages that got the most numbers of views, which buttons got the most clicks, and even which among your products is performing the best. Apart from these, you can determine pinch points and bottleneck areas.

In A/B testing, you are testing the performance of your current website against another configuration. This will allow you to know how the new design fares against the current scheme which will allow you to launch a website that has been fully optimized.

A lot of businesses, especially e-commerce sites, cannot afford to have their websites put down for redesign. The use of metrics allows your designer to pinpoint exactly where the problem areas need to be fixed and prioritized, thus making downtimes shorter.

What is important to know is that metrics can show you where the problem areas are but they cannot provide the solutions. Use metrics to determine priority concerns and implement the right solutions.

Metrics can help you eliminate the guesswork. They can help you determine where in the shopping process most customers are abandoning the website or how many users are viewing the video you have posted.

Your revamped website may look sleek and stylish, but the question is, will it perform well? It may reap accolades from so-called experts, but at the end of the day, it is what your customers think that matters. By using metrics, you’ll be able to learn how design changes affect customer behavior.

The crucial thing to remember is that metrics will only highlight consumer behavior and trends. They can’t help you or your designer determine why your consumers behave in such a manner, but they can help you make informed choices.

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