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November 30, 2014
Web Development

Must-Have Components Of Your E-commerce Website Design To Boost Sales

Lots of people these days greatly take to the convenience offered by e-commerce. But it’s not just the accessibility and the quick service that many particularly like; e-commerce also presents the opportunity for bigger savings on big-ticket items or luxurious services.

If your business is part of the online shopping realm and you want to benefit optimally from its presence on the World Wide Web, one of the vital things you need to focus on is e-commerce website design. Why? It is largely responsible for positive impression creation and prompting buying decisions. So, if your e-commerce website is failing to generate the right amount of sales, it’s highly likely that there’s something missing in your website design.

To help you improve this crucial aspect of your online business, rounded up below are the components that your e-commerce website should have.

Responsive design. This is what the best online marketers strongly promote because a responsive web design means that your website will display properly on practically all Internet-connecting devices. This then means that wherever your target customers may be, the moment they feel ready to complete a purchase transaction on your site, they can easily do so.

High-quality images. This is a must because the “experience” of the buyers with the product is limited; they are unable to feel, smell, and listen to it for better inspection and determination of the quality. Therefore, you need to provide the highest quality images, in different angles, to establish the beauty of the product.

Detailed product description. This is to support the images of the products and provide customers with a better understanding of the characteristics of the offering. When you offer as much information as you can, you get to entice potential buyers more powerfully and you diminish the likelihood of them getting disappointed with the item.

Trust seals or logos. These logos or seals prove that your business had undergone a stringent process to meet industry standards and make all transactions on the site as safe or protected as possible for your customers.

Easy-to-navigate page layout. Online shoppers can be quite impatient, so make sure that all the information they need is easy to see; plus, calls to action must “pop out.” A smart layout is critical to creating the best shopping experience.

Social proof. Customer feedback, testimonials, ratings, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers — all these are powerful tools in persuading your target audience to trust your site and purchase from your business. Split-tests reveal that website designs with social proof perform up to over 300 percent better than those that do without it.

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