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August 9, 2017
Video Production

Future Of Video Content Marketing And How To Be Ahead Of Your Competiton

The digital landscape has changed significantly in the past decade. Digital technology is cheaper today than it’s ever been before; there are virtually no boundaries on how, when, and where people can interact with content. Videos are evolving as the best form of media to engage and connect with customers. It’s time for your business to focus on what kind of videos to create. The landscape of content marketing is constantly changing you need to stay ahead of trends and produce videos that capture attention. Stop sticking to the same kind of videos that just explain your product or brand and build it around issues that people care about and integrate your brand around it.

1.  Impress your mobile audience

Smartphones have taken over traditional forms of communication and provide on-the-go access to everything online and digital. They have become integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives and transformed the way we communicate and share information. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year. Creating videos with mobile users in mind will help you grow.  Below are a few points to remember:

  • Keep the videos short – attention spans are lower than ever
  • Impress the user early on in the video – your video should stop them from scrolling and pay attention to what you’ve created
  • It should work across all popular platforms – compatibility is of prime importance
2.  Go ‘Life’

More and more users are obsessed with sharing each and every moment of their lives as it’s happening i.e. “live”. Platforms like Periscope and Meerkat introduced the concept of allowing anyone to go live using their phone. Twitch and other similar apps solidified mass appreciation for it and now Facebook and Instagram offer features to upload live video content literally at the press of a button. Use the streaming to create conversations, give customers important information, and highlight fans, partners, and employees. Live streaming is a great equalizer for small brands, it makes it easier to tell your story and to give access to your brand in a whole new way that is much more participatory. Portray the reality and customers will start trusting you more.

3.  YouTube > Television

A study by Google found that Millennials and Gen Z spend a greater part of their time watching videos online on platforms such as YouTube than sticking to more traditional counterparts like television like their parents. There is a noticeable shift from television to YouTube, or more precisely the YouTube mobile app. Digital advertising revenue surged nearly 22% to $72.5 billion for the 2016 calendar year, up from the $59.6 billion reported in 2015. Spending more on digital advertising will be the way of the future.

4.  Make short stories

The most recent and fresh update to social media platforms is the integration of “stories”. Stories, the feature that lets users share videos and posts that disappear after 24 hours, is now used by 250 million people every day. People use this feature as a way to share instants, memories, and facts they love or find impressive. Brands can use this to give their customers an insight into how they work or to produce content that has continuity. Stories have great potential to help your brand grow and stay above all the noise in the digital space.

5.  Shift to Virtual Reality

To amaze a viewer by giving them a jolt of excitement, you need to craft the extraordinary. Virtual Reality is one such tool. The potential of VR is immense, but it’ll require a shift in thinking. VR lets viewers be active participants by engaging with a brand, product, or even an event in a way unlike any other. Industrial giants like Facebook and Samsung are putting their efforts to let this technology boom. Google has shipped millions of Google Cardboard viewers to help bring the VR experience to everyone. So it’s high time you start investing time and sweat into VR so that you’ll be ahead of the competition rather than catching up to them!

6.  Start with 360 Videos

When it comes down to it, 360 video is powerful because it combines two routes into immersion and engagement. What makes 360 videos especially unique is that viewers can influence what they see and can take direct control of the point of view. Psychological studies have shown that people have an affinity for things they can control and this programming of the human mind helps 360 connect on a deeper level than normal video.

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