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Google starts issuing new warnings to website owners

April 21, 2016
Behlul M
Digital Marketing Dubai

Google is warning site owners that their site is not mobile friendly in mobile search results. The unfortunate part is the warning is shown directly in the mobile search results to the website owners. If Google knows that the searcher is the owner of the site, it displays the result.

Here is an example:

Jennifer Slegg, had an old website that is not mobile friendly. She was checking her website and suddenly noticed the message on her snippet showing “Your page is not mobile-friendly”. And the message is hyperlinked to a Google help page about mobile friendly.

Google warning - website is not mobile friendly

This warning is in action a month prior to Google boosting the mobile-friendly algorithm. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide.

Another update from Google:Google makes AdWords Products tab more useful for Shopping campaigns. This is great news for managers. They can now find product status and effective maximum CPC columns in the products tab in AdWords. The product status help you know if a product is ready to serve, disapproved, excluded or out of stock. Whereas the effective max CPC helps you make bid adjustments right from the Products tab on individual products within your product groups. To know more updates about Google, visit Digital Evolution, the leading website design company in Dubai


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