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Google’s New Color Tool

Google has launched its new color tool, to help and enhance the designer experience. It comes with the Material Design package. Material design is evolving and this is yet another step. Like the shift from the prehistoric look of web pages to the fresh and new look of current web pages, Material design is paving way for designers to make their websites and apps more colorful.

Why should I go after colors?

Color is a crucial part of any Graphical User Interface. The innovative ideas of any programmer can have a tragic end depending on the color choices of the designer because the color is what attracts any human. Moreover, any designer without a good choice of color is considered one who lacks creativity. Color has a huge effect on the readability and usability of a website or android app.

Why Google Color Tool?

This color tool, like any others, helps in making good color choices. This helps us to experiment with different color choices in real time. It also helps us know how accessible our color choice is. It shows us a demo of how our interface might look in the chosen color.

How to use it?

1. Pick a primary color

From the given palette, the user should pick a color that he plans to use as the main color of his/her website.

2. Pick a secondary color

Using the same palette, pick another color that goes with the primary color and can be used for icons and other elements.

3. User Interfaces

Six demos of user interfaces will be shown, each displaying different general interfaces that might appear in an android app. This shows how the primary and secondary colors will look together in an app. These same choices are applicable to websites as well.

4. Accessibility check

This shows how text content will look on your website with the chosen color in the background. Once you choose the accessibility tab, you can see various permutations of the color and text applied. Various shades of color: primary, light, and dark will be displayed. Then a demonstration of black and white texts in both large and normal fonts will be shown on each of these shades. It also specifies the opacity factor to be used and legitimate color combinations.

Let’s be part of this evolution

When material design is pioneering new technologies to make the task of designers simpler and better, web developer dubai lets us make proper use of all these tools and be part of this design evolution. Use Google Color Tool for your websites and make them more readable and legible to the users. Contact us for any guidance and help.

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