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All about Google’s Possum algorithm update

Most of us are unaware of Google’s possum algorithm update. First, let us discuss what the possum algorithm is. Very recently Google has released a new update and the SEO community has named this update as “POSSUM”. Possum is unlike other updates, which only affects the local search results.

In simple words, if you are focusing on a keyword to rank in the top 1 and you are not concerned about the location, probably google possum won’t affect you a single bit. Today Social Media Marketing is one of the effective ways to advertise or market your business.

As I mentioned previously google possum is one of the most significant updates by google, made in 2016 and the possum is an update to Google’s local search ranking algorithm. The major reason for this update is most of the businesses were thinking their local listings were lost traction and saw a dip in their rankings. Another purpose of the update was to expand the local results and also avoid spam from ranking as well. There is plenty of digital marketing company in Dubai, India, and many more places, which will help you to sort out the SEO-related stuff.

On the other hand, these listings were actually just filtered within the SERP (search engine results page). This means that most of the local businesses might not always show in the same search results. This update of google will filter out similar listings for location and industry in the similar way it would normally filter out 2nd listing of a business.

Few changes after the Possum update:

1) Many businesses have experienced a massive spike in their local ranking after the google possum algorithm update.
2) Now google is filtering on the basis of location and affiliation.
3) After the google possum algorithm update, the physical address of the searcher is important.
4) Now the search results are based on a trifling variation of the searched keyword.
5) Before the possum update we use to find that if google has crawled our website organically or through a specific page that we linked our listing to, this had a very bad impact on the search ranking. But now local filters are working more independently from the organic filter.

Bottom Lines:

Google is always introducing new updates. Possum is one of those updates that impact the way SEO practitioners approach things. Perhaps possum didn’t go over so well with most of the businesses located within the limits of the city because their rankings took a collective blow. There has been quite a bit of fluctuation with the search results which may signpost that Google is still testing the few rank signals. Like algorithm updates in earlier, Google tends to test attributes and amend them as required.

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