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April 20, 2017
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How cards and lists affect UX design of website?

Since the most essential aspect of a website design is the User Experience (UX), web content organization must be done in the most presentable manner. The two commonly used techniques are lists and cards. Lists were used in web designing since olden times whereas cards came into play recently along with Material Design. But cards are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to attract user attention.

Deciding which of these to use in your website depends on the specific situation. The designers should have a thorough understanding of when the usage of each produces the best results.


What is a Card?

A card serves as a small container for encapsulating some related information by abstracting the details. The user can have a detailed view of the topic by clicking the card. These are mostly used in providing brief summaries about a topic.

Cards usually come with the 3D effect of visual depth which gives a user the illusion that this card contains more information within. They are simple rectangles that allow different types of content like text and images to be aggregated to form a single entity.

Why should I use a Card?

  1. It greatly resembles real-world cards that the user feels comfortable using them. They can contain little but relevant information about anything in a compact manner like the player cards.
  2. It provides an excellent content organization method where contents on a web page can be divided into meaningful sections like dividing paragraph divisions in this article.
  3. They make the website more colorful and attractive by including images along with short texts. This enhances the user experience.
  4. They are more acceptable to the user because he/she can easily access the interesting content. They always get a preview so that they can choose the right card with ease.
  5. They have a consistent appearance throughout all the devices that support the website including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. This makes the website user-friendly.
  6. They are simple to use and are styled to use with thumbs. Like real-world cards which we flip using our thumb, these cards can be swiped through and opened with our thumb.


What is a List?

A list is a more straightforward approach to organizing website content. It is actually a page displayed as a result of user browsing. It shows a set of candidate entries. It facilitates users to have a quick scan through the page and find the right information.

Why should I use Lists?

  1. It displays contents in order. Availability of information about the order of contents helps the user to choose the right and best content they want.
  2. Lists are suitable for smaller screens like those of mobile phones. Cards make it slower for the user to scroll down and find the right content. Moreover, the user will be forced to store information seen so far in his/her short-term memory.
  3. They are more useful in displaying homogeneous content like pictures in a gallery.

Cards and Lists can be used interchangeably depending on the situation. In situations where we need to distinguish between various web contents, we can use cards since they form visual boundaries. But if we need to see a compact form of data arranged in order we must go for lists.

Now you know the difference between them, you can easily decide which to use on your website. For any guidance, we are beside you. Do contact us.

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