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January 13, 2022
Digital Marketing

How to top the SEO ranks in 2022

No matter what year we’re in, SEO is still one of the most important facets to website success. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a process websites undergo to ensure that their website ranks higher on a search engine. The internet has become a place where a multitude of information is made easily available, to the point where the same or similar information can be found on many websites. This tough competition is the main reason why many websites invest in their SEO strategy and try their best to place their website on the first page of a search engine. In this article, we explore some of the best methods you can use to dominate the SEO ranks this year.

1. Prioritize your On-Page and technical SEO

On-page optimization is one of the best ways to boost your SEO rankings. It’s not difficult to do and results can be seen almost immediately. On-page optimization refers to the elements on your website that can be optimized. This includes images, page titles, and headlines. The overall content of your page should include multiple mentions of keywords (be sure not to overdo it, since too many mentions can do the opposite and drive users away). Moreover, try including long-form content that reaches over 1,500-1,800 words. The average Google first page result contains about 1,447 words, so long-form content is the way to go. Another aspect to consider is technical SEO. This concept ensures that your website is designed in a manner that freely allows search engines to view and rank it easily. Making sure that your website loads properly, is secure, and is optimized for other devices like tablets and mobiles can ensure the ease of search engine access.

2. Incorporate LSI keywords

Latent semantic indexing, or LSI for short, refers to the related phrases that search engines can use to understand a website’s content more effectively. This includes synonyms of keywords, as well as phrases and words that are similar enough to tie to the main keywords used in the web page. Using words and phrases that can basically sum up what your page is talking about can help search engines place you in related searches much more easily.

3. Quicken load times

The speed at which your website loads is crucial to the overall ranking and engagement of your website. Studies show that pages that load faster lower the chances of a user clicking out of a site, and the algorithm of search engines like Google prioritize this aspect when ranking websites.

4. Focus on UX/UI design

User interface and user experience are two important facets of web design that inevitably have a huge effect on the potential success and high ranking of a website. On the user end of the matter, good UX and UI design mean that users are much more likely to stay and spend time on a website since it’s easier to navigate and understand. When it comes to SEO, the algorithm of search engines like Google highly ranks websites that are designed well and are simpler to browse through. Check Web Design agency Dubai for the best team to design your website.

5. Integrate internal linking and other interactive elements

Internal links are hyperlinks that redirect users to another page within the same web domain. Many websites use internal linking when referring to other topics of interest that the website has information on, and when they display related content for users to continue reading about. Internal linking redirects web traffic within your website and boosts your ranking on the SEO chart due to the increased visits that occur within your website’s domain. Moreover, adding other interactive elements like video and audio files can boost engagement as well as your overall ranking on the SEO charts. One of the best digital marketing agencies Dubai can help you achieve the top ranks on Google.

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