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June 16, 2021
Digital Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn for Generating Leads

Every business needs a social media and content marketing strategy. Without it, you may fall behind losing all potential competitive advantage.

All kinds of businesses have begun exploring social media and digital marketing platforms. LinkedIn can be a gold mine for business growth when used properly. It is vital for a B2B business and other businesses can also make the most of LinkedIn to their advantage.

You may be misled if you believe LinkedIn is just for posting company and industry updates. Marketing with social media has gone further than that. A social agency in Dubai can help you understand your customers so that you can have a value-based marketing strategy.

Let’s unpack this further:

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It is designed to share resumes, and experiences, find jobs, and build business connections. It has a different audience than every other social network. Therefore, it needs a different approach for getting desired results. The following things can help you generate more business on LinkedIn.

1. Create a quality company page or profile

Your company page is your business card for social media marketing. It is the first place where individuals and businesses first connect with you. It involves three steps; selecting the business type, adding company details, and including a logo & cover image.

LinkedIn guides everyone in creating a company page for free. You can also visit their help page to create the company page. It helps potential customers and job seekers to learn more about the company, brand, products, services, etc.

2. Socialize regularly

Like any other network of a social agency in Dubai, LinkedIn is also a social network. So, you should be sociable to expand your network. You can do this through connecting, congratulating, recognizing, commenting, and endorsing. Always be genuine in your communication and never post anything in a hurry or use default content.

3. Publish engaging content

Publishing engaging content is a great way for successful content marketing. Ensure you’re creating quality content that’s relevant to the industry you are in and the audience that follows you + your ideal target audience.

Direct selling content does not perform well on LinkedIn. Content with fresh ideas is great for growing an audience. You can also publish engaging content with insights from others.

Naturally, the customers who have skimmed the company page will dig deep for pursuing your posts. The amount of content is also vital. Try to post at least 3-4 times a week, if not more. Don’t compromise quality for quantity, however.

4. Always stick to a strategy

Many company pages tend to lack a strategy for social media marketing on LinkedIn. They publish poor content inconsistently bypassing the subject. LinkedIn is nothing but a tool. The results you can get depend on how you can wield it. So, you must develop a strategy and always stick to it for getting desired business outcome.

5. Optimize the page

Optimization of your company page is vital if you want to generate business through LinkedIn. When the company page is well-optimized, it gains more visibility for effective social media management dubai.

You can do it by inserting keywords, link building, and sharing relevant content. Use only those phrases for keywords that your customers are likely to use for searching your products or services. Also, use them in the heading and title to create an impact.

Links are also essential for boosting the ranking of your page. Link the page to your website and make sure that the links are up to date. Sharing relevant content regularly will engage more followers and ultimately yield business growth.

6. Make it alive with a video

Uploading a video to the company page is a great way to reach and engage with the audience. You may include tips, testimonials, interviews, product demonstrations, etc to make the company page lively and engaging.

7. Use tracking and analytics

Use LinkedIn’s Company Page analytics for evaluating engagement on your posts, follower demographic, and identifying trends. It will also help you to know more about the traffic. Thus, you will know what the audience wants. It will go a long way for successful social media marketing and the growth of the business.

8. Create a LinkedIn showcase page

A LinkedIn showcase page comes in handy when there are multiple products or services and more than one buyer persona. It is an extension of the company page that helps the business to highlight the sub-brand to specific buyer personas. It also allows generating additional content. So, the target customers can enjoy a personalized experience. They can follow the showcase page without going through the company page.


LinkedIn has almost endless benefits and no downsides. As a social media marketing platform, LinkedIn has many things to offer small and medium-sized businesses. When you are building a brand image or selling a product or service, LinkedIn can help your business grow. A social media marketing agency in Dubai can help you with clever marketing techniques on LinkedIn.

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