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Proven steps to connect with your mobile customers

Are you winning the mobile customer shift? Confused? We are talking about your mobile customers who don’t scroll through large pages on their desktop computers anymore. Do you ever think about those mobile customers? If you are still not taking this seriously, then here is a shocking report for you. By 2017 i.e. in the next year, 2.5 billion people will own smartphones and 905 million people will use tablets at home and work, nearly three times as many in 2013.

mobile user growth

Here are some proven steps to connect with your mobile customers:

Survey customers

Survey your current customers and your target market to know how you can better present your service or product, or what phases might be missing from what you’re currently offering. Use this data to shape your brand in a better way to resonate with your target market.

Find your HERO moment

Busy people around the world don’t need another useless smartphone app. So don’t go making an app instead and think about the times a mobile app can be combined with your product or service. This will make your product a hero in the eyes of your customers.

Get the timing right

Similar to the in-store shopping experience, if you capture the attention of someone as soon as they walk in they are more than likely to feel a little ambushed. Another key element when it comes to timing is doing whatever is necessary to resolve a customer question in as few transactions as possible.

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