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April 2, 2017
Web Development

Is it time for you to upgrade your website

It’s an understandable truth that your website is the face of your brand. Your website is your audience’s first impression of your business. Since this is the case, the importance of keeping your website up-to-date can’t be overstressed. Upgrading may just mean hiring a website design company dubai to build you a new one or just fixing up the old one.

There really is no particular timing to it. Some people have already convinced themselves that the right time to upgrade is every 3-5 years. That was a fair time period 10 years ago but in today’s dynamic, fast-moving world, you may need an update every so often. Let’s dive into some signs that will indicate you may need to start thinking about a web design company.

1. If your website is not responsive

Google nowadays frowns at websites that are not responsive. This is because more and more people are accessing the web through a variety of mobile devices. If your site is not mobile-friendly (not responsive), you can lose your ranking with Google making it harder for your customer to find you. Your website will start ranking lower than your competitors, and you definitely don’t want that. Responsiveness simply means that your website will be able to adapt to any size of the screen that it’s been viewed. Dubai is an economy fueled by businesses – therefore, slip-ups could be harmful to your business.

Solving this issue is very easy, as you can get any good web development company in Dubai to make your website responsive. This will do you and your brand a whole lot of good.

2. If your website doesn’t look professional

This is a point everyone can relate to. Like I said earlier, your website is the face of your brand. You have just about 3-4 seconds to convince your audience to stay on your site, and there is no way you can do that with a shabbily built website. Your design has to be top-notch, and your content organized. Your website also has to contain very useful information for your readers. They have to be able to navigate your website without worries. A web design company will do a good job in structuring your site and making it look professional.

3. If your product or service is about to change or update dramatically

This is a no-brainer actually. If there has been a fundamental change in the kind of product or service you offer, or there’s been a bug update. Web design Dubai companies will do this easily for you.

A website with outdated information is highly detrimental to any business. A constantly updated website design in terms of content and technology is the key to keeping ahead of the competition.

4. If your site loads slowly

You would agree that one of the most annoying situations is when you’re stuck on a slow-loading website. Users are going to immediately bounce. Tools like Yslow or Pingdom can check a website’s loading time. Based on the result, you need to look into the kind of website you have and how to make it better. If your score is below par, then you need an urgent upgrade, and a website design company in Dubai will do that for you easily.

5. Security issues

Technology sure is improving positively how we live and do things, but it also has its negative effects – and one of them is hacking. Nowadays, more and more sites have fallen victim to hacking. If you have an old website, you are more at risk, as you still base your operation on old technology. Upgrading your site regularly will do you a whole lot of good here.

These are just a few points that signal the need to upgrade your website. Keep in mind that search engines constantly change their search rules. Upgrading your website will help you keep up with these rules, and hereby rank your site higher. Simply outsourcing a website design company in Dubai will solve your problems, even if you are just about to build one.

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