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May 25, 2017
Web Development

SEO Checklist for Redesigning Website

Whenever we think of redesigning a website, we are mostly concerned with including more visual elements that easily attract the attention of users. But the very first thing we ought to understand is, that a website that does not have what a visitor is actually looking for, or if he can’t find your website from an initial search, there is no point in redesigning your website. The time and effort are beautifully wasted!

So we introduce a new idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where we are optimizing the contents of our website for searchers and not the search engines.

There are a few guidelines we should keep in mind.

1. SEO should be a goal from the start.

Most designers give primary importance to the presentation features of the website and think about SEO only during the final stages of the redesign process. An SEO team should be included from the start of the project. If they are called only at the end of the design and coding session, you are going to witness a tremendous increase in the overall cost.

2. Perform an audit of the existing website.

Use various matrices like the number of visits and top-visited keywords to audit how well the previous website worked and what in fact needs to be changed apart from the presentation. Assess each page and see if the visitors actually gain anything from them. Update your redevelopment team about the top-rated pages and the keywords that hurl users to visit the website.

3. Include the right keywords.

Never blow up your website with inappropriate keywords just to acquire a high search rank. Google strictly forbids such irrelevant usages and wants you to provide worthy content on your website. Select a single successful keyword and make sure that you use it 1-3 times on your page. It should also be included in the title and meta-description of your website.

4. Setting up 301 redirects.

When you redesign your website, you may have to remove certain pages or merge one or two pages. A 301 redirect is crucial in such cases where it can be used to redirect any user, who visits any removed page, to the new URL. Otherwise, it may result in a 404 error.

5. Give importance to URL structure.

A lengthy URL with underscores (connectors) between words is NOT a wise choice. It is advisable to use dashes (separators) between words because the search engine return results even if a single word in the search appears in the URL. In the former case, all the words connected by underscores should appear in the URL.

There are many such factors on the checklist which can improve the conversion rates of your website and aid it to rule the top of the search list. If you start out right with an SEO team for your redevelopment process, you are sure to witness some real wonder. As the best website development company in Dubai, we are at your service in redesigning your website with SEO in mind. Feel free to contact me.

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