how register or set up a company/firm in google for my business

Google’s allowing businesses to put up a post on it’s Search pages

Big news from Google HQ. Businesses small and big, all across the world can easily add a promotional post, or any kind of post really, under their Business information on Google’s Search page. When users search for your brand, all your website’s attributes such as location, telephone number, opening hours, photos you may have uploaded, […]

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website design affect seo

How does web design effect SEO?

Website design plays a big role in its SEO. This is a fact that can easily go overlooked if you’re taking care of your SEO by yourself. In one of Google’s many updates to its “SEO standards” and algorithms, it stipulated that a “good web design” will bolster a website’s ranking. Now that’s a very […]

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bounce rate

What is bounce rate and 7 ways to ensure low bounce on your website

Every marketer wants to drive leads to their websites. When marketing a website, Google Analytics can’t be forgotten. Analytics are a key aspect to track your campaigns and how well your website is doing. One of the main components in Google Analytics is your website’s Bounce Rate – something markers are still disregarding. What is […]

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