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April 23, 2017
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12 Quick Tips to use google search smarter and efficiently

Today every person from all generations are depending on google search for one or another reason. For example, people from business backgrounds use google for research purposes, and students use it for school, but the majority of people use google for entertainment. Have you ever thought that how potentially you are utilizing the use of google search? Here I have tried to list out the top 12 quick tips to use google search smarter and efficiently based on my own experience.

  • Use the double quotes to accurate your search:

If you are searching for a phrase in any content, better type the phrase within the double quotes for accurate search results. For example, suppose you want to search for Digital Marketing companies in Dubai- your search should be like “Best Digital Marketing Company Dubai” rather than Best Digital Marketing company Dubai.

  • Use the tabs from the google search page:

Using the proper tab for the google search is one of the basic tips to utilize the google search efficiently. You will find a few tabs on the google search page, namely- Images, Videos, Maps, News, and more. Using these tabs you can define what kind of search you are going to initiate.

  • Use an asterisk (*) to find the missing word in a phrase:

This tip is one of the most useful tips for searching for a phrase when you have forgotten the in-between words of the phrase. When you use an asterisk in your search, it will leave a placeholder which is later filled by a search engine. In many cases you may forget the lyrics of a song then you can use these tips to find the exact lyrics.

Example: “She*beauty queen*scene
This will gives the result as “She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene”

  • Use a Minus (-) sign to exclude words

Most of the time search engines return totally unexpected results while searching for a specific term. Including Minus (-) signs with your search terms omits the specific site or word that you wanted to search.

For Example Phoenix –Arizona

  • Use operator OR

Use OR operator to so searches for websites that just have one of several words.

Example: “SEO Company Dubai” OR “SEO Consultant Dubai”
This will return all the websites that contain either of the above terms.

  • Use Negation (~) to include Similar Words and Synonyms in your result

Place ~ (negation) in front of your search keyword to include all the search results with the synonyms of the word you are searching for.

  • Use “allintitle:” to find words in the title:

If you want to find a webpage with certain words included in the title, use the “allintitle:” followed by phrases or words

Example: allintitle: graphic design firms

  • Use “related:” to search similar websites

You can use this tip to list out new websites with similar content to a website you already know.

For Example: related:digitalevolutions.ae

  • Use “link:” to find the page that links to another page

Use the above command followed by the website name to list all the pages that link to that website.

For example: “Link:digitalevolutions.ae” Google gives you all the pages that link to digitalevolutions’s official website.

  • Use “site:” To search a specific phrase within a website:

If you want to search certain phrase or word, use “site:” immediately followed by the website link and the phrase in double quotations.

Example: site:digitalevolutions.ae “digital marketing agency

  • Use “location:” to find the news in a specific location:

If you want to search for news from a specific location, use the “location:” command.

Example: Best SEO Agency Location: Dubai

  • Use the keyword “weather” for quick weather stats:

If you are checking for quick weather stats for a certain location, use the above keyword followed by the location name:

Example: Weather Bangalore

These are very few quick tips to use google search efficiently and smarter. In my next piece of writing, I will try to come up with some more advanced search tips. Hope you find this article useful. Comments are welcome if any…. Please use the below comment box.

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