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March 12, 2016
Digital Marketing Dubai

Toolbar PageRank is no more in Google’s lists

It’s official, folks. Google confirmed that it is removing Toolbar PageRank i.e. if you are utilizing any tool or browser which shows the PageRank data from Google, it will not show any data within the next couple of weeks. Let us explain what this means:

Google ranks web pages based on how vital they are to the web. This is based on Google’s confidential and very complex equation. The basic ingredients include search demand, traffic, exit links, backlinks, keyword density, page authority, and content richness. The higher your PageRank, the higher your chances of being found on Google. Many website owners use certain tools to check their PageRank and based on it they prepare their plan. This way they can find the ranking position of their website in Google.

And the Google PageRank runs from 0, the worst, to 10 the best. It is based on certain colors which is well explained here, have a look.

PageRank 0 – You are NOT listed on Google, or you have been kicked off. Not good.

PageRank 1 – Very poor. The only good part about a one is you are listed.

PageRank 2 – Poor. The good news, is you can improve.

PageRank 3 – Average. Most sites are about 3.

PageRank 4 – Above Average. You’re starting to get warm.

PageRank 5 – Good. With a 5 you may land on the first page of some search terms, give yourself a hand.

PageRank 6 – Great. You’ve done some good work. You’ll be able to contend for some top positions.

PageRank 7 – You’re on fire! If you have a seven, you’re a top site.  Most small and medium size companies should dream of sevens.

PageRank 8 –You must be huge similar to ESPN.com

“Did you know there’s a place in Google where pages are listed because human editors have selected them, rather than Google’s crawling of the web? It’s called the Google Directory, and it’s based on work done by editors at the Open Directory Project. When Google added the Open Directory’s information to its site back in March 2000, the key difference was that the Google Directory edition sorted listings according to PageRank score,” as per Search Engine Land.

PageRank is just a score that represents the importance of your webpage as Google estimates it (By the way, that estimate of importance is considered to be Google’s opinion and protected in the US by the First Amendment).

Now that you know what a PageRank is and what it can do for you, you must take the latest news by Google seriously. If Google will remove the toolbar PageRank, then how will you measure your rank? You might also be thinking about how Google will determine it. Google explained, “We still use PageRank data internally within the ranking algorithm, but the external PageRank values shown in the Toolbar are going away completely.”

For many years, Google has stripped away PageRank from their toolbars and browsers and hasn’t updated the PageRank score in years. It was last updated on Dec 6, 2013.

So be prepared and plan accordingly.

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