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Current And Emerging Trends Marketing Agencies In Dubai Can Help You Take Advantage Of

Today’s digital marketing landscape is marked by constant change. If you want your business to remain on top and be continuously relevant to its intended audience, it is worthwhile to keep abreast of current and emerging trends, allowing you, with the aid of top marketing agencies in Dubai to fine-tune your current strategies.

Location-based Marketing. Utilizing GPS technology, businesses can craft and deliver an array of content that is customized for consumers in a specific area directly through smartphones and tablets. The chief advantage of this strategy is that almost all smart device owners have their gadgets in close reach at all times. Apart from Path and Foursquare, many digital marketing experts are keenly looking at Google Wallet, which allows users to pay for goods through their smart device and its effect on businesses.

Adding a few more social media sites to the mix. Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. YouTube? Check. LinkedIn? Check. But how about Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram? These three social media sites are steadily catching up with their larger counterparts and present themselves as viable tools for further building a brand as well as reaching out to more customers. It is also worthwhile to pay attention to paid advertisements on social networking sites and their effects on search engine rankings.

Content curation. Apps and sites like Flipboard, Pulse, Pinterest, and List.ly have slowly built a loyal following among their audience because they enable users to view content based on their interests. But how does this favor businesses? Marketers can use content curation to increase their relevancy to customers by fostering engagement through content that is attuned to the interests of users.

Video marketing. Using videos for marketing purposes offers several advantages. Today, it is easier to reach more customers, using videos, through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. However, marketers should not overlook other channels like Instagram and Vine where six seconds’ worth of video can do what long-winded blog posts cannot, and a lot more. Another important thing to look into when it comes to video marketing is the trend wherein users view videos through mobile devices.

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Remarketing. When a customer visits a website, there are times when he or she does not purchase a product. And there are several reasons behind this. However, all is not lost. With remarketing, you can once again target customers who may be interested in your product but have not actually purchased your product. Essentially, you are focusing on and reconnecting with customers who may have had an intent to buy from you before but have fallen to the wayside due to a variety of reasons.

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