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May 5, 2017
Video Production

Video Consumption Pattern of Different Generations

Anything represented visually has a greater impact on observers compared to a text document or article. This visual representation can be pictures, animations, videos etc. A video has more bangs over simple and still pictures, that they closely represent real world. They accurately portray the moving character of life and surroundings.

A vast majority of the internet users spend a higher percentage of their time watching videos via facebook, YouTube etc. And there is a variation in the usage pattern depending on the age of the users. So to observe this pattern let us categorize users into three generations based on the generational theory: the X, Y and Z generations.

How much do they watch videos?

Almost 70% of the younger generation, generation Z, tends to use the YouTube on a daily basis and 4% of the older generation, generation X, never use internet. From the Z generation, there exist only 1% users who don’t watch videos on YouTube and 2% from generation Y. 49% of generation Y users watch videos on a daily basis and 35% of generation X uses YouTube every day.

What do they watch?

71% of generation X spends majority of their time watching how-to videos, a 64% uses it to see product reviews and another 46% watches music videos, movies etc. So we can conclude that the older generation is more into educational videos because they see these videos as a means of learning new technologies and updating their technical knowledge sitting at home.

74% of generation Y is engaged in watching product reviews, another 72% in learning from how-to videos, a 52% in watching unboxing and haul videos. This generation makes a fair utilization of all the services provided by different kinds of videos.

From generation Z, 77% of users watch product review videos, 76% of users are more into unboxing videos and 71% of users make use of haul videos. This generation is more into trying new products and observes the current market trends and evolving life style.

Where do they watch?

With the three generations in consideration, YouTube is the most popular platform for watching videos. The secondary platform for generation X is facebook. Instagram is trending as the second-popular platform among the Y and Z generations whereas it stands in the third position with generation X.

The Z generation is now opening their way with the new trending platform, the SnapChat and Facebook is gradually moving out of the scenario.

From this we abridge that the Z generation is more fascinated about trying new platforms whereas the X generation is still stuck-up with Facebook. Y generation in between both and maintains a balance between new and old. The remarkable point is YouTube still stands out as the best and will be on the face of internet for a little longer.

Now, I guess, you have got a clear idea about how the different generations of users consume videos. As a popular video production company based in Dubai, we would like to extend you any help in this area. Feel free to contact us. Let your ideas stir and gain momentum- lets capture them as a moving picture!

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