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January 13, 2022
Digital Marketing

Ways to increase engagement on your website

Engagement is the most important aspect to consider when setting up a website. Users are more likely to interact with a website they can personally connect to and enjoy. No one likes a website that looks like it was created over a decade ago, so keeping up with the trends and making it look aesthetic is a step in the right direction. But there is a multitude of other technical and design aspects that have a significant effect on whether your website is a hit or miss. In this article, we explain some of the best ways to boost user interaction and create leads effectively.

1. User-friendly interface

If users need to learn how to browse and interact with your website, you need to revamp your web design. Creating an easy-to-understand user interface is crucial in broadening your audience to include a multitude of individuals from different levels of technical knowledge. While designing your website, paying attention to aspects like making buttons and toggle tools more accessible and visible, incorporating colors that allow for legibility, and other small details like font type and size all contribute to ensuring that the learning curve associated with your website is minimized and navigating your website is that much easier.

2. Display related content

One of the best ways to keep users engaged on your website is by adding panels that display related content. These are hyperlinked texts that redirect users to a page within the website that covers a topic similar to the one they have read previously. Displaying related content allows for websites to ensure that user retention is focused within the website itself, not giving an opportunity for competitor websites to divert user attention.

3. Interactive design elements

When designing a website, make sure it is easy to interact with. A website that is overloaded with information and has elements that are placed haphazardly is more likely to have lower user engagement due to the sensory overload that turns users away. Organize and declutter your content and designs and add elements that can boost interactivity like pop-ups, comment boxes to encourage discussions, and easy-to-share links that are connected to multiple social media platforms.

4. Reduce page load time

This is a factor that is often overlooked when designing a website. However, studies show that this tiny aspect is responsible for influencing the majority of user engagement on a website. The internet prioritizes fast speed, which means that the multitude of websites available will need to pay attention to page load time in order to have the upper hand over other websites since this aspect has a major impact on whether users will stay on the website. The longer the load time, the more likely it is for users to leave and find a website that’s faster and more efficient.

5. Mobile-friendly layout

Website design often negates giving importance to mobile layouts, sometimes not accounting for it at all. However, research shows that in 2020, over 68% of website searches from all around the globe came from mobile phones. This alone is reason enough to focus your design efforts on developing a classy website adapted for mobile. Making your website accessible on multiple devices like tablets and phones opens your website to a large group of users who would have otherwise never stumbled across your website.

When creating a website, it is important to account for factors like engagement to truly be able to develop a site that brings users in and gets them to stay for as long as possible. Accounting for the different manners in which you can engage users makes for a cohesive and well-rounded website that is able to grab user attention effectively.

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