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June 26, 2014
Web Development

Insights From A Trusted Web Design Company (Dubai) Website Posture Explained

Consider the investment in time, money, and effort that you have funneled to reel in just one visit to your Web page. First, you’ll have a website constructed. From there, you may use a combination of tools to promote it, from SEO to social media to paid ads. That’s a pretty big investment on your part, and the last thing that you want is the visitor leaving your website just a few seconds after arriving.

Now, there are several reasons why a customer abandons a website. It may be as simple as the fact that the user simply clicked on the wrong link, or you may not offer the product, service, or information the user is looking for. But what if you offer the exact thing that he is looking for?

Websites perform a variety of purposes, and the reasons for visitor abandonment can vary. However, one factor that influences how long a visitor stays and consumes the content of a website that cuts across these various uses is user experience or UX.

In broad terms, UX is the summary of a person’s overall experience in browsing a website. This concept explains why some Web users can spend hours and hours browsing through the pages of a seemingly simple website while others navigate away from a well-designed website just a second after arriving there. To put it in succinct terms, user experience dictates whether a visitor stays or leaves. A reputable Website design Dubai businesses should know will always strive for a great user experience.

One of the key elements of great UX is Web posture or the appearance of the website itself, including the use of various visual elements that make browsing a Web page an easy, if not pleasurable, experience for the user. A website with an effective posture deftly utilizes several key elements including screen area, links, and even pop-up windows.

Optimal use of screen space requires a thoughtful analysis of how a page is viewed, taking into account various browsing platforms including smartphones and tablets. Links, on the other hand, when used effectively, can also improve UX because they allow a user to discover other content on the website. Pop-ups, on the other hand, are viewed by many businesses as a great alternative to banner ads because they immediately catch the attention of website visitors. However, that does not mean that visitors appreciate pop-up ads. In fact, most users who are prepared to view content or even make a purchase are put off by this type of ad.

Why bother with UX, posture, and good Web design? Today’s consumers have become more attuned to what a good website looks like. Just one glance and they know whether a website offers value or not. Good Web design agency dubai is not just about making your website visually appealing. More importantly, it is about adding utility into the mix.

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