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May 20, 2014
Web Development

A Web Design Company In Dubai Underscores The Importance Of Responsive Design

Today, no business can afford not to have a website. If you want to haul in more customers, build your brand, and continuously be relevant and competitive in your industry, you need to enlist a Web design company in Dubai to help you establish an online presence for your venture.

However, having a website built for your business is just one step toward building an online presence. After your website is up and running, continuous effort must be made to promote it through search engine optimization and through social media marketing.

Another important aspect of building an online presence that most business owners overlook is making their websites mobile-friendly. But why should you bother optimizing your website for tablets and smartphones when you already have a website with all the bells and whistles? Here are some reasons why.

In the past, you only had to have a website built for a desktop or laptop computer. However, with the brisk sales of smartphones and tablets, combined with the evolving Web browsing habits of your average user, designing your website solely for laptop and desktop computers can adversely affect your website’s traffic. Simply put, if you want to drive traffic to your website and you want your visitors to browse through your content, you have to factor in these changes and design your website to be optimally viewable to whatever screen size they are using, be it a desktop monitor, a Nexus 7, or an iPhone.

The best way to remedy this issue is to opt for a responsive design for your website. But what exactly is responsive Web design? In plain and simple terms, responsive Web design enables your Web page to respond or resize itself to suit the device a person is using to view your website.

When a conventional website is viewed on a laptop’s screen, a user will not have a problem viewing all its columns. However, when the user is viewing the website on a smaller screen, like that of a tablet, he may have to scroll horizontally to see the other columns. This may sound like a minor inconvenience, but from a user’s perspective, this hassle can make browsing your content bothersome, and that can lead to website abandonment.

Do take note that responsive design is not just about making your website fit any browsing platform. It also addresses several key issues. When you are browsing a Web page on a laptop screen, you either use a mouse or a trackpad. With a smart device, you navigate a website using the screen of the tablet or smartphone. With responsive design, you take into account that the user is using his or her fingers — as such, you make it a point to make it easier for him or her to perform an action using his or her fingers. Responsive design also ensures the optimal use of graphics and ads. It also sees to it that the website loads fast. These goals are achieved by using fewer graphics.

If your business relies heavily on website traffic, it is crucial to check where your traffic is coming from. Tools like Google Analytics can give you a detailed picture of how much traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website seems to be underperforming despite a decent amount of traffic, the issue might be caused by abandonment due to your current Web design scheme. Consult with your Web design agency Dubai regarding optimizing your website for all browsing platforms through responsive Web design.

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