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August 2, 2021
Website Design

Website Design Trends for 2021

As each year passes, design trends change, and websites are not excluded from that. Website designs are visual communicators of real-world events and businesses. The limitless possibilities of design have made it possible for websites to be distinct in their identities while still maintaining their aesthetics and functionality. Here are some of the latest web design trends for 2021.

1. Parallax Effect

Web-based animations have made a comeback with sleek effects and immersive web design. Parallax is an animation-based effect where different elements or objects move at different speeds. Elements at the forefront move at speeds faster than elements in the background. It is an optical illusion that mimics everyday life. Implementing this effect gives websites a hint of realness to it. Though this is over a decade-old technology, creatives continue to keep it at the front of annual web design trends.

2. Pale-Vibrant Color Combinations

The color design has the ability to evoke certain perceptions and emotions when viewed by a user. This year, the color trend for web design has shifted from minimal color layouts with flat lays to more vibrant hues and muted background colors to make the object pop. Here the elements near to the user are vibrant, whereas the background incorporates paler hues. Both elements are important to make the focal object pop without being overly loud.

3. Scroll-based Animations

This effect has become a trend amongst website developer dubai who wish to relay a story of sorts. As users scroll, they interact with the elements of the page finding something completely new every time they move.  It’s a subtle way of interacting with the user and grabbing their attention since it’s a low effort on their part and the story-like feel makes them interested.

4. Funky Typography

The ’70s are back! Retro-themed fonts are making a comeback with a modern twist. Old school fonts have been reimagined with new interpretations of the original font with the help of warps, color play with outlines and letter fills, and other creative effects to these old-time styles.

5. 3D Elements

Prior to 2021, 2D flat lays were trendy, mainly due to the minimal aesthetic it presented (which was popular at the time). Now, however, things have changed. With bold colors making a comeback, the elements of a page have also changed to a more distinct, attention-grabbing look. 3D elements give more dimension to an otherwise flat page, directing user attention to the element. Additionally, some website designs have made these 3D elements interactive, creating a fun and interesting website.

6. Dark Mode

With smartphones and desktops incorporating a toggle to shift the interface between dark mode and light mode, the popularity of the former has exponentially increased. Because of this popularity, many website designs have begun incorporating a similar toggle for websites, allowing users to shift between light mode and dark mode. Website design has slowly begun to shift to blacks and other darker tones to reflect this change in preference.

7. Audio and Video Elements

Incorporating audio and video elements can make for an immersive and well-rounded user experience while also accommodating those with visual or auditory impairments. In addition to this, users are more likely to remember product information and branding when there are visual and auditory stimulations.

8. Illustrations

As website designs have begun shifting to a more story-based colorful theme, the inclusion of illustrations to visually enhance the user experience has also begun. Illustrations as an element in website design have the benefit of creating connections with users on a personal level. Because of this personal connection, illustrations are gaining popularity as compared to simple text and graphics.

Website designs are constantly evolving according to what users and designers alike find aesthetic, with older trends making websites look outdated and overdone. Your website design reflects your brand, and users are more likely to connect with your business if you have a great website and an even better user interface.

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