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October 26, 2021
Digital Marketing

Website design trends for 2022

As 2021 approaches its end, web designers and businesses alike are prepping new web layouts to welcome and usher in the new year. When it comes to web design, each year focuses on one aspect or aesthetic, becoming the most lucrative design for the year. 2022 is no exception. As we head into more relaxed pandemic restrictions with gatherings on the rise, aesthetics are shifting to a more personalized feel to reflect the need for a more human touch to our otherwise almost completely digital lives. Redesigning your website is something that needs to be taken seriously, mainly due to the simple fact that an outdated website turns potential leads away from your content and offerings. In this article, we explore some of the most popular trends set to dominate websites in 2022 formulated by the best web design company Dubai.

1. Clean web design

Clean web design in today’s landscape does not only mean simple graphics and an elegant look, but also a user-first approach to website interactions. In a world where most people are constantly glued to their phones, it becomes increasingly important for businesses and designers to create websites that do not overwhelm the user. Overloaded graphics with too much information can make users exit your website and head over somewhere else. This type of ‘calm design’ can make users feel at ease, all while staying on your website for longer.

2. Bold colors

With clean designs comes a need to catch the eye of the user without making it too overwhelming. Bold colors offer a way to direct user attention to key elements on your website effectively. These bold colors stand out even more when placed against neutrals and other toned-down or muted colors, making for an effective contrast that enhances your website’s design. This form of colorful minimalism can give your website a burst of life while maintaining simplicity in design.

3. Interactive elements

Adding interactive elements that users can click on and engage with can benefit your website immensely. More websites are shifting to designs that include interactive sections to retain user attention and increase the time users spend on the website. Making an interactive website is relatively simple. Just by adding elements that react with clicks, whether it be a pop-up or changes in color, users will be all the more likely to stay and engage with your website. This approach also includes adding simple animations to your website. These elements grab user attention quite easily, making your website look all the more appealing.

4. Smartphone-based designs

As each year passes, the number of users who access websites on their phones keeps increasing. Today over 50% of website traffic is generated through smartphones. It has become crucial for websites to cater to this demographic in order to retain user engagement. Designing a website in mobile mode, catering to thumb scrolling and interaction, can make your website look all the more appealing to a user who visited your website via their phone.

5. Faster page speeds and loading times

User attention is not something that lasts forever. No one wants to stay on a website that seemingly takes forever to load. Page speed and loading times are aspects that have taken the forefront in web design in more recent times, reflected in Google’s algorithm prioritizing websites with faster speeds over those that aren’t quite up to speed, placing them at the top of the first page. The pandemic has largely influenced how websites look now and how they will look like in the future. This list of trends reflects that influence and includes some of the most important design aspects that have the potential to drive traffic to your website and increase user retention and engagement.

Updating your website to incorporate these trends will put your business and its offerings on the digital map, effectively etched in the minds of the user. We hope these insights from the best web design agency in Dubai will help you!

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