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What is Inbound Marketing & how video is an integral part of it

Inbound marketing is easily one of the most effective ways of doing business online. To put it simply, inbound marketing is a focused effort on attracting prospective customers through high-quality content created specifically for them. Blog posts and social media posts are some of the popular sources of this content.

Inbound Marketing

Gaining leads for your business is what probably keeps you up at night. Inbound marketing helps you ensure leads come to you. Designing content around the needs and problems your customers face is at the crux of inbound marketing. It begins with content creation and the distribution channels you need to use for it. Targeted content that introduces your product or service as the solution to your customer’s problems. Then be sure to distribute it where your customers are perfectly positioned to consume it. Educating your audience first and selling them your product after that, is a guaranteed way to ensure conversion. It also helps instill trust in your brand as the user realizes the investment put in by the brand.

A user’s purchasing funnel consists of some basic stages. At the top of the funnel, the consumer is introduced to a variety of products. As they progress through the funnel, they learn more about the product and refine their choices. At the bottom, they are fully aware of what they want and are ready to convert.

Video is the best kind of content

There’s really no denying the impact a well-made video can have on any audience. It’s become a key component of all marketing strategies and it needs to be a part of your inbound marketing. Videos can be used to introduce your products and services, can be used to explain how they work, it can also be used as a customer review tool where satisfied customers can give video testimonials for your brand.

Videos have a higher engagement and share rate on social media and some networks even charge lesser when a brand chooses to advertise a video over a static ad. This makes video a great sales tool above everything else. Animated videos allow a brand to bring a product or service to life and really engage users.

Embedding videos on your website can increase the visibility of the site on search engines. Therefore, giving your SEO a natural boost. Any SEO expert will tell you video needs to be part of your content strategy when trying to rank high on Google. By crawling up Google’s ranks, prospective customers will discover your website and leads will start pouring in.

Creating the perfect videos for your brand and reaching out to your target audience is what we’re here for. Get in touch and our video production company Dubai will help you chart the right course!

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