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August 2, 2022
Digital Marketing

What Works and What Doesn’t: Video Marketing Strategies

Over the years, social media has always remained consistent on what makes it uniquely addicting to its users, and that is video-based content. Trends have consistently shown that users are more likely to stay and remain engaged with video content over static/image-based content. This alone gives brands a solid reason to build a robust video marketing strategy. Videos are a unique type of media format that has evolved along with its users. As technology gets better, so do videos in terms of quality and ease in creating content. With the surging popularity of platforms like TikTok, this ease in creating high-quality content has shown brands and marketers that videos have the capacity to engage viewers in ways other forms of media can’t. Brands no longer need to spend millions of dollars on billboards or massive ad campaigns. A great video-based social media marketing strategy is all they need to put their products at the forefront of the user’s subconscious. In this article, we explore what it takes to build the ultimate video marketing strategy, and what brands should actively avoid doing when developing their video campaigns.

1. Consistent Brand Personality

Consistency in the brand’s overall personality, voice, and visual palettes is key to effective marketing in all aspects- and the same holds true for video content. Videos have the potential to reach a huge audience, which makes it increasingly important for brands to showcase their unique aspects. When users see videos from a brand, it’s important for them to be able to tell that the content belongs to the brand at the first glance. This could be done through unique messaging or video layouts, effective brand placements, and brand-based color palettes. All in all, the main aim of brand consistency is to make the most out of the impressions a brand receives. Even if users don’t stick around to watch the entire video, as long as they are reminded of the brand and its offerings, it can be considered a success. On the other hand, creating videos that change up the brand’s profile, visuals, and tone of voice too often can lead to wasted potential in terms of leads and conversions. If users feel like a brand isn’t consistent, it can also lead to a lower level of overall trust in the brand’s image and its offerings.

2. Using the Right Video Orientations

This is an aspect that most brands overlook when creating their video content. An overwhelming number of users view video content on their phones. This means that unless it’s a YouTube video, it’s counterproductive to create videos with landscape ratios. Users prioritize ease and convenience among all else. It’s unlikely that they are going to rotate their phones to watch an advertisement. So, it falls on the brand to create vertical videos to increase the chance that a viewer will watch their content. Vertical videos are known to be mobile-friendly and utilizing every centimeter of space effectively can get a brand an increased number of views, as well as retain the attention of viewers and earn more engagement.

3. Short Form Content is Here to Stay

Studies have shown that over the years, people’s attention spans have drastically reduced, lasting around eight seconds, which is in part due to the overflow of content that exists all around them. This limited attention span has made short-form video content king of reach and engagement. Bite-sized videos are more likely to get users invested since the main messaging that can pique their interest is done within their window of attention. For brands that feel like they have a lot more to say that can’t fit into a short video, using this type of short-form content effectively can redirect user traffic to their website, where these consumers can learn more about the brand and their offerings. Additionally, short-form videos have a higher chance of being looped over and over again, which can help brands become memorable in the user’s subconscious. Although long-form content is not completely out of style, it often leads to users quickly skipping the video before any meaningful reach is made.

The growth of video marketing has brought brands a unique opportunity to present themselves to an audience that is willing to listen. It is a tool that brands can take full advantage of and get a leg up against competitors.

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