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Content Marketing

Make Content Work For You

Every business needs to invest in an extensive content marketing strategy tailored to its target audience, catering to their needs in order to attract and engage them.

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Content Marketing

You need to create content that is specifically designed to address the problems and needs of prospective customers. With this, you can attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business. A good place to start is by creating and publishing content — such as blog articles, content offers, and social media-specific content that provide value to prospects that they may not find elsewhere.

Talk about how to use your product or who your service was made for, give detailed information about how your solutions can solve challenges your prospects may have and definitely include customer testimonials and details about promotions, discounts and referral programs. Be sure to optimize all of this content with an SEO strategy. Do this by identifying and including specific keywords and phrases related to your products or services, the challenges you solve for prospects.

Content Marketing


Learn how to build a content strategy


Learn how to build a content strategy

Let our expert content marketers give you tips on how to create or improve your content strategy based on your target audience, objectives and goals

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Creating the right content strategy for your business

It’s extremely important to start by identifying and understanding your target audience. We help our clients build a ‘Buyer Persona’ to do this. It’s a fictional representation of their core audience - the ones the product or service will appeal to the most. There could be multiple buyer personas depending on the product or service. For an online store selling photography equipment, you would have 2 primary personas: the professional photographer and the hobbyist, while Coaching & Leadership Consultancy could have several personas differentiated by industry or level of experience.

A successful content marketing strategy is typically created for at least 3 months in advance, is campaign-specific and spans multiple channels. A campaign is an all-encompassing activity meant to attract your target audience with valuable content to your website, landing pages or any other relevant location in order to take a converting action like signing up to your newsletter, downloading a brochure, whitepaper or filling out an inquiry form.

Your content strategy ensures that Google knows your website is constantly updated and the best place to learn about a particular subject that’s relevant to your prospects. Being ranked on Google’s 1st page is one of the best outcomes of a successful content marketing strategy, along with a steady stream of marketing and sales qualified leads of course.

The different kinds of content to include in your content marketing


Blogs are a must-have for just about every business that hopes to drive quality traffic to their site and increase sales. This is a live feed of the latest information and news about your industry, your products and your services. The information you put out there needs to be extremely relevant to your prospective audience and doubling down on how your offerings and solutions can help make their lives and jobs easier.

Social Media is your online bulletin board. Find the right channels where your prospective customers spend their time and start channelling your blog posts and dynamic content such as short-form and long-form videos there geared towards positioning your solutions as the best and most effective to your target audience.

Email Marketing includes newsletter and updates from your business to your customers, leads and old prospects. Automated drip marketing through emails is one of the best methods of staying top-of-mind for old customers, upselling and converting older prospects that hadn’t converted.