OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE: Free Consultations for local businesses

Free consultation!

It’s gotten scary to run a business these days. A lot of startups and SMEs are wondering how to pull in enough revenue to get through the coming months. We’ve been offering free consultations to businesses across the country on how they can use their website, social media and other digital channels to find new revenue streams or increase their current customer base.

Remember: people are still spending money. You just need to pivot your current marketing strategy to amend your targeting and communication to keep the business going.

Let’s talk and ensure you're driving quality leads and conversions for your business!


How Can We Help

Think about how to improve upon your existing marketing and content strategy

Help you work out a brand new strategy, possibly to promote a new product or enter a new market

Ensure you're using the right tools and channels to reach out to your prospective customers

Analyze and audit your social profiles

Analyze and audit your website

Anything else you might need!