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Emerging Marketing Tools


Promoting a brand to gain market share and competitive advantage can be tough. Marketers need to constantly think of new ideas and activations to not only reach, but engage their target audience. Technology is a key component in marketing and we leverage it to its fullest potential.

In a social construct filled with noise, how can a brand standout? Our veteran brand marketers are constantly testing new ways of reaching and engaging audiences using emerging technologies.

Below are some examples of how we help clients rise above the noise. Reach out for a free consultation and an idea proposal specific to your brand and its needs.


AR Filters, Mobile Games & Apps

AR filters & games for Instagram & Snapchat. Interactive branded mobile games & apps for activations

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360 Interactive & Virtual Video Walkthroughs

Immersive, interactive online experiences can be created for any physical space

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Interactive Videos

Tell multiple stories through a video with several possible journeys a viewer can take

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Audio will play an important role in this region to not only engage an audience, but to monetize a content channel as well

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Web3 and the metaverse will be the building blocks of the future. A unique opportunity to attract and engage a young audience

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Live Stream Shopping

The future of shopping. Create your own live stream and let users buy products immediately

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