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Influencer Marketing

Influence Audience Choices

With the growth of the social influencer, it has become impossible to create a compelling social strategy without including the services of influencers.

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Influencer Marketing

It may seem daunting to some while so simple to others. Don’t let this blossoming mode of marketing have you confused on its possibilities. Using the right mix of influencers can propel a brand’s name across its targeted audience or drive sales without spending any money on ads. Influencer marketing is hard to get right but can provide astounding results when executed properly.

An influencer marketing agency has become critical in helping brands navigate the tricky waters of this service to ensure they are attaining ROI on their investment.

Influencer Marketing

Is influencer marketing right for your brand?

Is influencer marketing right for your brand?

We’ve helped brands large and small amplify their products and services to their audiences using the right mix of influencers across the region. Let’s chat and we’ll walk you through the process

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How effective is influencer marketing?

Statistically a user is more likely to purchase a product or service based on a recommendation than an advertisement. Using influencers to amplify a brand’s messaging is not considered “new” anymore. There is an absolutely huge market of influencers in every country and region. This makes it difficult for brands to identify the best fit. Since it’s such a big business, it’s even harder to identify legitimate influencers as it’s far too easy to buy likes and followers.

Influencers and their power to influence decisions of their followers has continued to gain validation over the years. More and more social media users prefer to follow “people” over traditional brands. Credence for this can be given to Facebook and Instagram algorithms that tend to favor posts from individuals over brands organically in a user’s feed.

In order to get their messaging in front of users, brands had to rely on advertising on these platforms. Not the simplest task as it requires advanced know-how of the advertising tools and very broad audience targeting to ensure it’s served up to the specific target audience. With influencers, all a brand needs to do is identify their target audience, the most relevant influencers they follow and strike a deal to get those influencers to talk about the brand and its products and/or services.

How to go about influencer marketing

It’s a very tricky business because it requires putting your faith in people (influencers) rather than platforms, systems and algorithms (advertising channels). There’s no cheat sheet or pricing table you’ll find for influencer marketing. Each influencer works on their own rates and you’ll seldom find any logical rationale as to why they charge what they charge. Don’t be surprised when 2 influencers with the same audience and number of followers will have drastically different pricing models.

Start by ensuring you know your audience. Then it’s crucial to identify all the influencers, regardless of number of followers, for now. There are paid tools that you can use for this but primarily will have to rely on working with an influencer marketing agency that keeps an extensive log of influencers for different markets and industries or spend some time researching the relevant influencers on each social media platform yourself.

Having a set budget before going ahead will be really helpful in deciding which influencers to use and how much each influencer will post for the brand. It’s always helpful to have each influencer at least post 2-3 times while also including Stories to ensure maximum exposure to their audiences.

Be very careful when finalizing your influencer marketing strategy. Ensure the influencers are legitimate by checking their overall engagement rates are inline with the platform’s organic rate. Also be sure that your messaging is inline with how the influencer conducts themselves on their profiles to make the posts seem as natural as possible.