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Lead Generation

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The internet is vast and your audience is comparatively niche. It’s never a good idea throwing a wide net into the vast ocean and hoping to catch a specific fish. We custom-create strategies for various businesses to ensure they’re reaching their audience with the right content and through the correct channels.

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Lead Generation

The art to generate quality leads is to ensure your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is low while your Conversion Rate and Click Through Rate (CTR) or View Rate (for video ads) is maintained at a healthy industry standard. We’ve worked with B2B and B2C businesses across the region for over a decade, helping them with growth and maintaining a competitive advantage in their target markets.

There’s no cookie-cutter strategy to implement for every client. There’s a lot of lead generation and digital marketing agencies in Dubai that focus on a niche industry because it’s easier to implement the same strategy over and over again. Regardless of the client, we do a deep-dive into their objectives and targets to figure out exactly where their customers are, how to reach them and what’s the best budget to invest for maximum ROI. Our focus clientele is anyone that’s looking to grow.

Lead Generation


Need more leads?


Need more leads?

We can evaluate your website and current strategy to highlight quick-wins for quality lead generation. Book a free 30-minute consultation with our Customer Success Manager.

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Conversion Mapping

You can have campaigns running on a single channel or multiple channels across social media, Google AdWords, or other 3rd party advertising networks. If you aren’t tracking every touchpoint a user takes after seeing your ad, you can’t possibly know what your ROI is. Without knowing your ROI, how can you assess what’s working and what isn’t? This is the crux of every online advertising campaign, something a lot of marketers and advertisers still get wrong.

During the research and planning phase of any campaign, a conversion mapping exercise needs to be executed. A conversion is an event that fulfils the primary and secondary objectives of any ad. That could be filling out a simple form, making a purchase, add items to a cart or subscribing to a newsletter. During the conversion mapping exercise, we create the ideal user journey and ensure it’s seamless for every user to fulfil the conversion actions, while everything is being tracked. That will consist of installing the right pixels from the advertising networks such as Facebook or Google Ads, ensuring Google Analytics Goals are set up, UTM tags and parameters are added, etc. in order to know exactly which lead or customer has come from which campaign and source and what journey they took before finally converting or dropping off without converting. This empowers marketers and advertisers with a bulletproof strategy to maximize ROI and continually optimize their websites for higher conversions and lower costs per conversion.

You have to learn by doing. We start with our best-educated guess but it can be tricky trying to get into a customer’s mindset. When we ran a Search Ad Campaign for 2 weeks for a Pest Control Company, we realized that maximum high-quality leads were coming in on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. With this learning we allocated maximum budgets to the first half of the work-week, doubling leads and conversions in the following month.

Keep Testing & Trying New Things


There are contrarian theories marketers follow when it comes to strategy and testing. More conventional marketers prefer to follow standards and norms that have been proven over time and that have worked in the past, either for them or their competition. Contemporary marketers prefer to break from the mould and try new radical ideas with rapid experimentation and use data to find the best growth tactics.

With all the data available on digital marketing campaigns, marketers can know exactly what’s working, what’s not working and the factors that contribute to those results. Marketers are obviously afraid to fail but we tend to embrace failure because that’s how we learn exactly what not to do. With the power of experimentation, data and failure, we strive to devise and deliver campaigns that exceed client’s targets and expectations.

Testing and iterating in the first few weeks for most of our clients have eventually resulted in highly efficient strategies and identifying the ideal channels that drive growth. Once you’ve found your ideal results, you can relax but don’t stop experimenting! Know that there’s always new avenues of growth to be explored.