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It’s never been easier to sell online

It’s also never been as profitable and if you think you don’t have something to sell online, think again. Every business sells something, and it most definitely can be sold online.

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E-commerce websites are essentially websites with a detailed product or service listing and an integrated payment gateway. That means a user can come on to your website, see a product or service they’re interested in, click and make a purchase using their credit card. Fun fact: some websites allow users to pay with cryptocurrencies as well.

We’ve been in the e-commerce development business since its beginnings in the region in the early 2000s. Our expertise lies in building simple websites for small businesses to start selling their products and services to their customers easily via their website. We’ve helped sellers of products and services start new businesses as well as taken 30-year old companies online.



Want to sell online?


Want to sell online?

It’s no more a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’! Whatever business you’re in, there’s a good chance someone will buy it from your website. Talk to our Implementation Specialist to see how it’s possible.

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How to start selling online

It doesn’t matter if you're B2B and selling a niche service like Executive Life Coaching or you're a spare parts trading company with over 100,000 SKUs. You can very easily build your entire business in and around your website, drive the right traffic to it and drive sales through your website!

On the other hand, maybe you're a simple service-based business that’s helping property owners manage their homes online, putting it up on Airbnb, taking care of cleaning and maintenance. Describe your services in detail, offer transparent pricing and set up a seamless User Interface that’s made for conversions and you’ll get customers coming in droves. Don’t think of Amazon or Noon when you think of e-commerce. It can be as simple as selling a service online or 5 products and shipping it across the country or even the region!

Once it’s established what you’re selling and to whom, we can take care of the rest. Our e-commerce designers are experienced in building websites that are meant for conversions, making sure the user experience from visit to checkout is seamless and without friction. To top it off, once the website is live, our Digital Marketing department will help you ensure the e-commerce website is seeing quality traffic and conversions, ensuring ROI.

The nitty gritty of e-commerce


There’s a lot of different ways to become an e-commerce business. A lot of businesses add a shopping element to their existing websites while others build a whole e-commerce experience from scratch. There are also businesses that get started from a living room and use the power of Instagram and What’s App to sell their wares. How should you get started and what does the investment look like?

If you’re a legal business entity in Dubai or the UAE and have been selling offline for years then we would do an evaluation of what you’re selling, who you are selling it to and what your current online presence looks like. Based on that, we suggest the best path forward. If you’re a startup with a fresh new idea, we help you take that idea forward and make it a reality.

Selling online doesn’t just stop at building an e-commerce website. If you’re selling real products then there’s a logistics side to it as well. Luckily, all the major courier companies have simple integrations to pick up, track and drop-off packages. For service-based businesses such as maids, there are simple capacity management solutions that help the business keep track of how much time is available and what's booked of each employee. We’ve also worked on custom solutions for various businesses because their needs were complex and specific.