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Video Production

Video marketing and video production are broad terms. We create 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, stop-motion and even real-time production footage for brands with varying purposes. A lot of them are our Social Media clients who need video posts to attract and engage better. Others are larger corporates who need brand videos or explainer videos. We even create app demo videos that walk users through how an app works and how best to use it. We’ve got a team of highly skilled video creators and editors that churn out several videos a week. What we create for our clients are typically used on social media, on websites and even on TV! We take on projects from ideation, storyboarding, slide design to animation or simply taking a boring PPT presentation with a lot of charts and figures and turn it into a funky infographic video.

Video Production

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How Can Video Work For You?


How Can Video Work For You?

We’ve got a team of video experts churning out several video products a week. Talk to one of them on how we can build you a library of value-generating video assets

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The different types of video production

The most common kinds of video production services you’ll see are the simple 2D animated style. Every brand and business vertical is making use of this kind of content. Even for corporate video productions. It’s quick and easy to produce and great to engage viewers and customers. Which is why it’s become the ubiquitous content marketing go-to for every marketer. Within the 2D realm also come infographic and motion-graphic videos that make use of illustrations over characters. They’re very dynamic and engaging and excellent to present data with.

Product/service launch and demo videos have become increasingly popular over the years. Almost every website that sells a product or an online service will have a demo or intro videos on their homepage that quickly and simply tell the viewers what it’s all about. Just as most animated videos, they’re easy and quick to produce and great for content and social marketing purposes.

Real-time and live-action video productions are used by only certain kinds of businesses. More traditional businesses still require corporate video production that showcase their offices, interviews, warehouses, etc. while event organizers require videos for exhibitor testimonials, speaker interviews and overall event coverage.

What can you achieve through video marketing

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It’s not just about creating dynamic content. Everything you do should have a purpose and so should your videos. For social media marketing, having a robust video content strategy is a must for engagement, brand awareness and even conversions. GIFs, stop-motion and simple motion-graphics do significantly well on social media. All the networks prioritize video content over static images. Explainer and demo videos do very well to engage users on your website and help in the conversion process. Video production companies are a dime-a-dozen so find yourself the right video production agency to help you build the best video marketing strategy for your brand.

Infographic and data visualization videos are perfect for any platform where you’re showing off a dense report or presenting statistics. We’ve turned hundreds of boring presentations into videos allowing consultants and organizations to keep their audiences engaged. Internal training videos are a popular format that we’ve worked on from real-time shoots to animations.

Video ads promoting products or services on social media and through YouTube have a higher conversion rate while maintaining a lower cost because video engages users better. A video is always best suited to promote anything when compared to a static image or just plain text. Video production and corporate video production companies in Dubai are a-plenty. Choosing the right one for your needs is crucial when you're looking for a long-term partnership.