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Website Design & Development

Building beautiful online experiences

Your website is the online face of your business and they say first impressions are important. You need a website design agency to build you a strong and impressive online presence

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website design and development

Website Design & Development

Websites have been around for decades. We’ve spent the last 2 decades as web designers in Dubai, building websites for all kinds of businesses: from small to medium to large. Over the last few years, we’ve narrowed our focus to servicing startups and SMEs who either rely solely on their website for lead generation and revenue or are looking to digital channels to grow their business. In both cases, it all starts by reviewing your online presence and making sure it’s as updated and as user friendly as possible. We're a website design agency providing web development in Dubai and across the GCC. We also provide all kinds of e-commerce solutions as a Dubai-based web agency. Our in-house team of website developers and web designers are experts in what they do and pride themselves in building beautiful online experiences.

Website Design & Development

website design development

Free Website Audit


Free Website Audit

Surely you have a website, even if it’s been a while since someone’s updated it. Our web designers and developers can take a look and generate a report on how well your website functions within your target market.

Website Audit

How to build a great website

It’s hard building a website without the right team of web designers and website developers. It’s even more difficult to choose from hundreds of website design agencies in Dubai. Every agency providing website design services has its own way of working, pricing structure and isn't always easy to understand how it all works. We don't employ salespeople, we employ consultants to help you figure out exactly what you need from your website and how it can generate maximum value for you. Our consultants will educate you on what a web development agency can do for you and how it all works.

Many times, it could be a simple revamp request but our consultants have identified that the web design works whereas the website's development side of it are lacking i.e. in site speed or overall optimization or just bad code. That's a job for our expert website developers to tweak the backend. It's also possible a client perceives the website to be the only factor in generating more leads and sales whereas a shift in their digital marketing approach is what's required. On the other hand, a lot of startups come to us with a little more than an idea. Our consultants work with them to put a sitemap and functionality document together based on the feasibility of the idea and learning from what their competitors are doing in the local and international markets.

In order to come to a conclusion on what kind of website design and development any prospective client requires, an in-depth needs analysis and competitor evaluation is done. The aim is to educate the client on what their business should be doing with their website to reach their objectives and goals. That’s how we build beautiful and effective online experiences that are geared to driving business growth, gaining competitive advantage or just looking as beautiful as possible!

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How much should a web design agency charge? This is a dreaded question for every website design agency. It’s not because they’re trying to be deceitful, at least not most, but it’s a very hard question to answer. Typically when an inquiry comes in, a brief and the direction a client would like to take is sparse. It makes it hard to judge what the scope of work is and what the final deliverables are, therefore making it difficult to price the job.

To battle this and build trust with all prospective clients, our consultants try and get as much information from the client as possible, especially a list of reference websites if it’s a brand new website, and provide a pricing range to ensure there are no surprises later. If the range fits, we go ahead and do a deep dive into the client’s needs and what perfectly fits those needs. If a client comes in with a budget, we can help them work backwards on what’s the best we can possibly do for them within that budget. It’s possible for there to be a gap between the need and what's desired, so we guide the client in the right direction ensuring they don’t spend on something they don’t need.

It’s most important to have tangible goals and targets in place, ideally with budgets as well. This helps ensure the website design agencies you are getting quotes from have all the pertinent information to put together an educated proposal. Blindly price hunting in the market will get you varied quotes without helping you benchmark what you should be spending on your website development project with potential web designers in Dubai.