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October 8, 2017
Animated Video Production

5 Ways To Use Emotion In Video Production

There is a current shift in trend towards using emotional branding in story telling due its nature of building deep and meaningful relationships with customers. This combined with video content production as a type of marketing strategy is credited to be one the best ways to inspire, connect and resonate with the customer in a way that encourages long term loyalty.

Moreover, emotional branding also increases the video’s ‘virality’ potential because emotional stories that align with a viewer’s morals and values whilst simultaneously promoting a positive self-image is more likely to be shared, liked and commented upon.

Here are 5 types of emotive story telling video content strategies that you can use to develop strong relationships with your customers.

1.‘We understand you’

Every individual to a certain extent has the desire to be appreciated, understood and noticed. Videos that focus on showing that the brand deeply understands its customers in terms of who they really are, what their goals are and what motivates them is ultimately extremely impactful because it helps the customers feel closer to the brand.

2.‘We can solve your problems’

Another type of emotional video that can be created and communicated is overcoming the customer’s struggles of life. Whether this may be the small daily struggles or larger issues, showing that the brand not only cares about the problems but also has a solution to fix it, will lead to the development of a long-term relationship.

3.‘We can inspire you’

Everyone has goals that they are working towards but there may obstacles that prevent the achievement of objectives. Making video content that motivates the viewers to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles in a way that inspires them towards progression will have a strong positive impact on their attitude towards the brand.

4.‘We relate to you’

Shared beliefs and values bring people together. Creating videos that touch upon certain causes and important global issues revolving around global climate change, disaster victims, health and other global concerns demonstrate the altruistic nature of the brand and instils positive customer perceptions as it shows that brand’s care.

5.‘We stand with the unique’

This last type of emotional video goes out to the lone wolves, the odd ones, the dreamers and the creative geniuses that may feel like they do not fit in with the majority. By creating video content that celebrates their uniqueness and their differences shows that every individual can belong with the brand, irrespective of their different beliefs.

Ultimately, whichever path you choose to take, generating this type of video content will prove to be a powerful way of emotional story telling that build relationships, leaves long-lasting impressions, improves customer perception and stimulate customers to pick your brand over others.

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