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October 14, 2022
Digital Marketing

The Five Best Automation Tools That Can Elevate a Marketing Campaign

Marketing automation tools were developed to better help a business automate repetitive marketing tasks. Automating marketing tasks can benefit virtually any business by increasing its overall efficiency on mundane tasks, thus allowing a business to focus on more important tasks or projects. Automation softwares generally enable marketers and businesses to get a head start on matters that are prevalent both online and offline. They are better at coordinating and managing marketing campaigns effectively and are able to nurture leads and conversions that can help boost a business’ overall profitability. As a testament to this, over 80% of marketers agree to the fact that marketing automation has helped their business succeed. In this article, we delve deep into what tools your business should incorporate in order to facilitate a successful brand campaign.

1. ManyChat

ManyChat offers a solution for businesses struggling with maintaining client communication. Marketing automation is not limited to just emails, and the software was developed in recognition of this. The software allows businesses to be able to automate some of their most repetitive customer conversations on the company’s platforms. ManyChat works as a chatbot that can effectively work on Facebook Messenger, Instagram’s Direct Message, WhatsApp, and SMS. The software features set templates and an easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to customize their bot in minutes. Additionally, the information gathered on the bot can be synced with the business’ CRM and more.

2. Envoke

Envoke is an e-mail advertising and marketing automation tool that allows businesses to nurture leads, automate campaigns, and develop their e-mail listing with customizable features. This program consistently provides the latest and most effective e-mail templates that can be optimized for a variety of devices and gadgets. It also features aspects that are required by law, including adding options to opt-out of the listing and more.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a highly recognized automation software in the SaaS (Software as a Service) world due to its success in enabling businesses to incorporate live chats, marketing tools, as well as service and sales hubs. Some of its best aspects include the fact that it requires no real coding knowledge, a visual editor that can aid in the process of company specific customizations, and its ability to automate emails, messages, and more.

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (previously known as Pardot) is a cloud automation solution or tool that is aimed at primarily serving companies who have the technical resources required to take the time needed to effectively learn the platform.

From CRM integrations to email marketing, lead nurturing, and ROI reporting, there are a variety of features that the software can automate, including communicating with your existing contacts so that you can ensure your campaigns are effective, consistent, and performing well. It helps track every interaction on a website and then proceeds to create predictive lead scoring based on the parameters set. All of this helps improve marketing efficiency and aids in eliminating wasted time and effort that can be utilized for more pressing matters. Though, it is important to note that while this software is incredibly powerful, it can be difficult to access due to its high-cost nature.

5. Ontraport

Ontraport is an enterprise automation platform. One of Ontraport’s most valuable offerings is its focus on reporting and insights. Ontraport is a tool that provides businesses a clear view of how set campaigns are performing. Some of its key elements include the integration with other Ontraport marketing tools, ready-made templates that can help quickly generate content, and sophisticated tools that can help determine the success of a campaign.

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