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November 7, 2017
Digital Marketing Agency

What is remarketing and 3 ways you should be using it

Remarketing is an advertising technique that allows you to reach users that have visited your website or landing page. It’s a great method of reminding users about your products or services and helping push them over the conversion edge. The most popular way of doing this is through Google AdWords.

Google allows you to create multiple segments of users that visit your website based on actions they have taken. The first is ‘All Users’ i.e. everyone that visits your website. From there you begin to further segment users based on pages they’ve visited, products viewed, added to the cart, reached the checkout page, abandoned cart, read your blog, visited the Contact page, etc. This allows you to create very specific ads for each segment.

Google AdWords is an extensive platform. Be sure to try these three very tangible Remarketing objectives to ensure you’re making the most of your website’s visitors.

Driving New Conversions

As a remarketing newbie, this is your obvious starting point. Target users that have shown even the slightest interest in your products and services, bring them back, and ensure a conversion. If your website garners traffic anywhere below 5000 sessions a month, it’s considered a “low traffic” website. In this case, you can easily just target ‘All Users’ that haven’t yet converted.

A higher trafficked site however will require more creativity. Create different remarketing audiences based on particular user behavior. Users that have visited multiple product pages or a specific category and show them ads specific to that product category. Users that have abandoned carts, show them an ad with a 24-hour discount code on their cart, etc.

Upselling Existing Customers

There’s no better prospective sale than someone that has already bought something from you. The lifetime value of each customer should be well measured and retained. Email campaigns are your typical mode of communication with existing customers so ensure it brings them back to the website so you can segment them into your remarketing audience.

Now think of what related products or services you can advertise to them that are relevant to what they have purchased already. Depending on your offerings, you may need to make several further segmentations based on purchase history. If you are launching something new though, you want to make sure you’re telling all relevant customers about it.

Brand Awareness & Retention

You’re getting quality traffic and decent conversions thanks to a solid advertising and remarketing strategy. Of course, your conversion rate could be higher and you’re worried about how strong your brand awareness and retention will be with users visiting your website that don’t need your products or services today but very well could in the future.

That’s an interesting segment that you want to lightly target with valuable content from your blog, new offers, new launches, etc. There’s a fine line between being relevant and annoying. Over the course of a month, don’t show the same user the same ad more than 2-3 times. Most importantly, whatever you do, please do not show a user a remarketed ad AFTER they have already converted. You’d be surprised how many large e-commerce stores don’t optimize their ads to discount converted users.

Having worked in a digital marketing agency for almost a decade, I’ve learned a lot about remarketing through Google AdWords and these are just some of the basic tips and tricks I’ve come up with.

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