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October 7, 2014
Digital Marketing Dubai

5 factors to consider for your Digital Marketing initiative

Digital marketing has become a requirement for all kinds of brands and businesses. This has been said all too many times already. I’d like to jump right into what you should be doing to really stand out from the competition and get your money’s worth in the online battlefield that is digital marketing. This list isn’t made in order of importance. Each and every one of these points is vital to the strong digital marketing Dubai initiative taken by any brand or business.

A fresh and responsive website

Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to design so I’m not going to talk about that. I only want to talk about the fundamental qualities a website needs to have today in order to grab a user’s attention and keep them engaged:

a. Keep your site minimal in terms of design elements. Too many times you see brands go a little overboard with illustrations and animations that become unnecessary and may annoy users.

b. User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) – you heard me. What’s the point if a user can’t find his way to a telephone number to get in touch or check out easily? Take the extra time and map it all out right at the start in a detailed flowchart rather than figuring it out after the site’s launched or mid-development.

c. Responsive – you’re probably sick of hearing this term if you’ve spent any time reading about web design agency Dubai or speaking to any web developers but it can’t be said enough because businesses still aren’t incorporating responsive web design! Haven’t a clue what I’m talking about? A responsive website is basically designing and coding websites in such a way that it opens up perfectly on any resolution or device. It’s like a fun magic trick. The website will fit perfectly on 1080x720p desktops, a tablet, and even on a smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode.

Smart Online Advertising 

Why did I add in ‘smart’? It’s gotten too easy for marketers to advertise on platforms like Google & Facebook and they seldom know how to do it right. Google & Facebook make it all too easy to use their advertising platforms. Marketers jump in and start advertising without knowing the basics and this can lead to money spent in the wrong direction. Be smart, hire a professional. There are too many factors that need to be considered when you’re advertising online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps organically push your website up in Google’s ranks for the most important keywords to your brand or business. Whether you’re making a new website or have had an existing website for years, SEO should be your first step into the digital marketing world.

Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is no longer a factor, however, maintaining it with a good content marketing strategy is where the focus needs to lie. Everyone jumped on the social media bandwagon in the last few years and the average newsfeed is riddled with branded page posts while brands are crying about how slashed their reach has become. This ties into ‘Smart online advertising as well. Platforms like Facebook shouldn’t be used anymore without at least some form of advertising. Twitter needs to be used skillfully while Instagram requires a more aesthetic and hashtag-infused touch. LinkedIn retains its simplicity and Google+ just can’t be ignored due to SEO requirements. YouTube and a blog may not be on top of your list but they should definitely be a part of it. There are just so many pieces to this puzzle, you need someone to help put them all together in a comprehensive and innovative manner that is specific to your needs.


You may be confused by why I’m mentioning Design but let me explain – the start of any marketing endeavor has to be with a consistent design philosophy for your business or brand. Design is the soul and needs to be crafted to suit your business or your brand. It is how consumers and users will identify you and recall you when they need you.

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