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April 6, 2020
Video Marketing

7 Video Marketing Trends in 2020

7 Video Marketing Trends to Look Out for This Year

Video marketing is becoming a hot topic in today’s world, no doubt, and with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram actively supporting it, online video content creation and video content marketing are only going to boom further. 

Both marketers and target consumers prefer video marketing, and these statistics prove it:

  1. 83% of video marketers claim that video helps them with lead generation 
  2. 80% of marketers say video marketing has directly helped increase sales
  3. People watch, on average, 16 hours of online video every week

With these numbers establishing the power of video content marketing, the next question is: what are the best video-making techniques that have the most significant impact? Here are seven video marketing trends that have become extremely popular in 2020. 

1. Ultra short video clips

As people’s attention span keeps decreasing, marketers are focusing on content creation to convey the essential message of their ads in a short enough time that the user cannot or will not want to skip it. The best example is the 5-second pre-roll ad before a YouTube video plays. These ads can’t be skipped and force marketers to convey everything in just 5 seconds. These short clips can also be a preview of longer and more informative videos.

2. Long-form videos

There is a paradox because people prefer shorter videos that get over quickly. Still, longer videos with a more informative and memorable message are likely to engage customers more. The short videos must be appealing enough to make the customers watch long videos. It is more challenging for content creators to make a five-minute saga compared to a 5-second clip, but if they get the message right, the result is highly favorable. These need to be engaging, and informational and should educate the user and contribute to lead generation.

3. Interactive videos

This method brings commerce and content closer. Not only will video marketing efforts be about advertising, but the videos will also nudge customers towards buying the product by directly linking to the website where the product is sold, or the service is offered. This makes the consumer experience seamless too. Interactive videos have been used for a long time, but now they are getting wittier and more nuanced. 

4. Videos must be searchable

When you search for a topic on Google, you now also get video previews of related content. For video marketing, having consumers see the video directly in a Google search will boost views and traffic to your website. This also means that during content generation, the team needs to optimize the video for search results. 

5. Silent videos

Videos play automatically in the Facebook or Instagram newsfeed without volume when someone scrolls through. If your ad has audio that blares suddenly, the user tends to close the ad rather than pay attention to it.  Businesses using video marketing must hence focus on silent videos to pitch their product. Subtitles and on-screen text can be used in content creation, which has the added advantage of reaching people who speak different languages.

6. It’s about showing, not explaining

Related to the previous point, if the target customer is not going to bother listening to the audio, the content generation team must use the video to showcase the product or service instead of explaining the technicalities. For example, if you are advertising a smartphone, people are more likely to pay attention if the ad covers how to use the features and what the phone is capable of rather than explaining that it has an octa-core and a Snapdragon processor. 

7. 360 video technology

This is the technique where every direction is recorded simultaneously. Professionals have used this technique for a long time, but it might be too expensive for average business use. 360 video marketing is a mainstay for retail, F&B, and hospitality businesses and it will surely take off when VR and AR become more affordable and interactive.

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