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April 12, 2017
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The Best Tools to Speed Up Your Website

The speed of your website is one of the fundamental elements that determine the usability of your website. Although a website may have incredible content, users will quickly be turned off by longer loading times. It is therefore vital that one figures out a way to speed up their website’s speed if they need to attract more traffic and enhance the visitor experience. The two basic aspects of speed you should carefully consider are the loading time and processing time. To speed up the website, both elements need to be catered for appropriately. There are quite a number of tools that a website design agency dubai can employ to help in speeding up your website.

One of the most effective tools for speeding up your website is CDN. A Content Delivery Network is a set of servers located in several places around the world. Copies of your website’s content such as images, videos, and software are contained in the CDN servers. Whenever your site is accessed, the data is loaded from the server that is closest to the visitor. This considerably boosts the loading speed of the website all across the world. CDN also increases the reliability of the website. With the content distributed across a number of servers, there is little traffic on the server which alleviates crashing. This tool boosts loading time by up to 50% sometimes the speeds are even higher.

The size of transferred data is among the major factors that slow down a website. It can therefore be sped up by reducing the amount of data being transferred. BROTLI is a tool that does this job pretty well. Created by Google, BROTLI is a compression algorithm that reduces the size of the data being transferred. The algorithm provides between 20% and 26% better compression ratio as compared to previous solutions. Supported by Chrome and Firefox, BROTLI saves you approximately 40% of your HTML traffic and 25% on CSS and JavaScript.

Another effective tool for boosting the speed of your website is HTTP/2. Published in May of 2015, it is a new version of the WWW protocol. It is an improvement of the initial protocol that features a new ability to cater to multiple requests in one connection. This is known as multiplexing and is a pretty intuitive feature that any website developer needs to be keen on. The protocol is made more efficient by the fact that it compresses headers prior to sending the requested data a feature that really simplified the transfer of data. The protocol speeds up a website by up to 50%.

In order to use the HTTP/2 protocol, it is vital that you have an SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificates basically encrypt the connection between server and client.

If you are using WordPress CMS then implement the Lazy Load method to load images and scripts. With this method, data is not loaded into the browser until the visitor scrolls the page to view the information. This is one of the recommended methods to speed up any image-intensive website. Check out this plug-in from BJ https://wordpress.org/plugins/bj-lazy-load/

These are the ultimate tools for any website developer to greatly speed up a website. If you are using the services of a web development agency Dubai, it is important that you confirm with them if they employ any of these tools to ensure that they will produce a fast website.

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