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September 12, 2021
Digital Marketing

Clubhouse: Everything you need to know

The clubhouse is the new social media app that’s taking the internet by storm, with its innovative approach to social interactions and out-of-the-box app design. Initially released back in April 2020, the app has seen exponential growth, boasting celebrity users like Elon Musk, Oprah, Drake, and Jared Leto. In this article, we will explore what exactly clubhouse is and why it’s the next big thing.

What is Clubhouse?

Founded by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app, available on the App Store and Play Store. Calling itself a ‘social audio app’, Clubhouse was designed to encourage opinions and provide a platform for progressive discussions.

The format of the app consists of rooms that users can join, interacting with others within the room. Each room has a different topic of interest, hosted by an expert on the topic or a regular person interested in the field. With a podcast-like format, you can listen in and even give your own opinions when you want to.

Additionally, you can jump in and out of different rooms, and the variety and diversity of rooms ensure that you will never end up feeling bored on the app. The audio within a room is never recorded or saved, and conversations don’t leave the app’s domain.

How can you join?

Clubhouse’s recent boom in popularity has people asking, “How do I join?”. The application doesn’t work like other social media apps of its kind. Initially, instead of having an open platform available to all, Clubhouse was an invite-only app. So, unless you had a virtual invite or nomination asking you to join the platform, you couldn’t make an account. This feature made the app a lot more exclusive, and with celebrities headlining the app, the number of people wanting an invite to join soared, giving Clubhouse a competitive edge against other social media apps on the market. Recently, the app has opened its doors to all, allowing those without invites to join the platform as well.

How does it work?

Once you’ve created your account, you can select topics of your interest from a wide variety of choices, ranging from Music and Philosophy to Venture Capital and Real estate. The interests are so varied that you’re bound to find something that calls out to you. After you’ve selected your interests, Clubhouse will curate a selection of rooms that match the interests you’ve chosen, and voila! Your Clubhouse dashboard is done, created just for you. The rooms are safe spaces for a diverse range of opinions, with moderator controls to ensure that conversations flow as smoothly as possible. You can choose to join a room and listen in and engage in conversation, or you can even host your own room under a topic of your choice and invite others to join in on an interesting dialogue.

Additional Features

The clubhouse is an app that is known to house diverse individuals and thoughts. With the expansion of the app, newer features have been added to ensure that Clubhouse is a place where opinions run free and creators and moderators are protected. Some recent features added to the app are as follows:

  1. Clubs: More autonomy has been given to ‘clubs’, which are rooms that have gained a substantial following and schedule meetings at regular intervals. Club creators can now customize the rules specific to their club and in part use these new rules to share their dos and don’ts that will protect the decorum of the club.
  2. Clubhouse payments: Creators can now make money and thrive long-term on the platform. You can now choose to send payments to your favorite creators, allowing them to continue creating content you love. The clubhouse will take no cuts from your payment, so 100% of the proceeds go directly to the creator of your choice.

These features available to creators and regular users make the Clubhouse experience all the more accessible and fun for all parties involved. Undoubtedly, Clubhouse’s strong sense of community, ability to connect with like-minded individuals, and enable amazing conversations makes the app a great place to ease away boredom and start a revolution alike.

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