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February 29, 2016
Digital Marketing Dubai

“Content is king” but which one is effective?

 “Content marketing is no longer nice to have. It’s a must-have.”

Welcome to the world of content marketing. In this increasingly online world, internet business owners have switched to different genres on the web to keep potential customers and grab new ones. One of their strategies is content marketing, but how effective is it? Did they make their content viral? Only a few made it, but how? What made their content viral? Below are the kinds of content you need to keep the focus on for virality:

  • Social Media Posts: We all know that this is the easiest way to create and go viral. This includes Facebook updates, videos on YouTube, pictures shared on Instagram, and links shared on Twitter. I agree that capturing the attention or interests of social media users is a little hard but the key lies in captivating content that will enthrall your customers/audience.
  • Blog posts: There are millions of blogs online, so make yours different by conveying something that actually matters. You should always add eye-catching and relevant images to your blog posts. If it’s a long one, space it out with some images in between to give the reader a nice graphical break.
  • Infographics: This may be a new strategy but effective for those who are not fond of reading. An infographic has the power to captivate people and remind them about your brand or product. As they say, ‘A picture can speak more a than thousand words,’ you must get an amazing design for your statistics and facts. You can also create video infographics to further engage your audiences.
  • Podcasts: This is becoming very popular as people don’t have enough time to go through long articles. They don’t have enough time to read the staggering amount of content on the Internet. Podcasters are typically busy people constantly on the move who do not want to be left out in learning what’s going on around them. Podcasts are usually used for training, informational and educational purposes.
  • Memes: A popular strategy that has the tendency to spread like wildfire with the right communication from the right brand to a specific kind of audience.

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