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April 13, 2022
Digital Marketing

How to design a great business website

The introduction of the internet has brought on a multitude of opportunities that has encouraged a global reach that was not possible before. This global reach, however, has a caveat – increased competition. The number of competitors has grown exponentially as customer reach has expanded and purchasing power increased. This ultimately means that as a business, in order to achieve entrepreneurial success online, your website has to stand out. A unique business website provides its users with great, engaging content that invites users to stay and browse through it, creating meaningful leads that can turn into real-time sales. In this article, we entail the steps involved in designing a great business website, enabling your business website to compete in the online marketplace.

1. Determine your website’s purpose

The first step to designing an effective website is to understand the reason for building the website and create your design around that reasoning. Your website can aim to be informative, visually engaging, or become a platform to direct online sales. The purpose of the website is key in determining the overall direction it will head towards. Moreover, an important aspect to consider is that the website, regardless of its purpose, must be created with the user in mind. The user is unaware of the website and its features, so developing a user-friendly design is the best way to encourage users to stay on your platform for longer.

2. Select a simple domain name

The actual design process for a website begins with selecting a domain name. Much like a business name, a domain name is essentially your business’s online identity. A domain name that is long or includes unnecessary characters can be difficult to remember, and users are less likely to make repeat visits because of it. A simple domain name that is easy enough to remember and excludes the use of symbols is the best way to establish a good brand identity that is memorable in the virtual marketplace.

3. Use effective designs

Website design agency Dubai has three aspects that govern its overall visual appeal, colors and fonts, layouts, and navigational tools. If these three aspects are covered, your website is more than likely to succeed. Color pallets and fonts should generally aim to be legible and in line with the business’ overall theme. A good layout aims to make the website simple to understand for a user who is unfamiliar with the site. Finally, navigational tools should be placed in a manner that creates a seamless experience that users find easy to use and encourages continued browsing.

4. Optimize the user interface

This aspect involves minor details that can lead to a great impact on visibility in the long run. Optimizing your website essentially means creating a website that runs as smoothly as possible without any delays or confusion. Page load times, investing in SEO (search engine optimization) tools, and the use of relevant keywords all boost the overall visibility of the website.

5. Adapt your website for multiple platforms

Adapting your website for mobile and tablet is critical for a website to be effective. Over 68% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices, a number that is set to increase as the years go by. This means that it is crucial to ensure that the mobile experience of your website is optimized to include this large user base.

Website design Dubai involves more than an aesthetic design template. Success in an online space comes with great attention to detail that ensures that even the smallest mishaps are out of sight, leaving a favorable impression on users. These steps involve the most important aspects of web design that must be addressed in order to have a profitable website, thus increasing the odds of mainstream success in the online sphere.

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